Tucker Carlson Knows Racism Isn't A Problem In America Because Black People Move Here


Tucker Carlson was very upset last night. He switched from his traditional confused Labrador mode right into his angry West Highland Terrier mode in response to the people protesting a grand jury's failure to indict the three cops who burst into Breonna Taylor's apartment at 1 a.m. and killed her as she slept. This upset him, as he felt like this is a thing they should be okay with.

[Correction: Taylor and her boyfriend were woken by the police, but were not actually sleeping when police shot and killed her. Radley Balko has an excellent explanation of the problems with the raid at the Washington Post.]

What really upset him though was that there were all these people on MSNBC talking about how incidents like this are the reason why Black people don't feel safe in America. Walking around knowing that the police could burst into your home at 1 a.m. and shoot you while you sleep without even getting indicted, all while people go around talking about how grand juries will indict a "ham sandwich," is not exactly a thing that makes people feel safe. This seems like the most obvious conclusion that anyone could possibly draw.

Transcript via Media Matters:

It's all such a lie. It's a lie, it's a demonstrable lie. The statistics don't back it up, the experience of your life no matter what color you are doesn't back it up. And the fact that hundreds of thousands of people every year move here who are Black, to the United States, is living refutation of what they just said, nothing about that it is true. And they know it's not true. The guy who said it has a PhD, "you can't go anywhere if you are Black." Yeah, he says from a TV studio. But that's the unified message of the American media, again, they know it's not true, they know that Taylor didn't die in a no-knock police raid. Her death is sad, it's a tragedy, but it wasn't an act of racism.

Yes, it was.

The cop who shot Taylor probably wasn't thinking, "Oh boy, I really hate Black people, so I'm gonna murder this sleeping woman," but it was racism. It was racism because they didn't think twice about doing that because it didn't even occur to them that there would be consequences for their actions, and they were absolutely right. There were not consequences.

As far as the argument that "Black people wouldn't move here if it weren't safe for Black people here, therefore no racism"? Well, everything is relative.

For instance, I know that if I were to move to Italy, I really would have to worry about my safety as a woman more than I do here, which is saying a lot. Women being murdered by their partners is a huge problem there, largely because, historically, it's something that hasn't been taken very seriously by the law. Judges often give lighter sentences to men who murder their wives or girlfriends out of jealousy. And while some of that is changing — a few years ago, schools started implementing "don't kill your girlfriend" classes in response to skyrocketing femicide rates — it's still not great.

That being said, there might be other reasons why I might move there anyway. I have dual citizenship, it's super pretty, there's good food and a really great healthcare system, and it's the only other language I can speak.

Were I to move to Italy, that would not negate the fact that domestic violence and femicide are serious problems there. To say that would be just as insane as claiming that Black people moving here somehow negates the fact that shit is dangerous for Black people here. And for the same reason — police brutality against Black people and racism in general has not historically been taken very seriously by the law or by white people in general. People like Tucker Carlson.

And unfortunately, we have yet to get around to implementing "Hey, don't kill unarmed Black people" classes at the police academy.


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