Tucker Carlson Dazzled By 'Sanity' Of White Nationalist Talking Points

Tucker Carlson Dazzled By 'Sanity' Of White Nationalist Talking Points

Meet Pete D'Abrosca! Pete D'Abrosca is a Republican running for a Congressional seat in North Carolina's 7th district. He is also a big proponent of the white nationalist "Great Replacement" theory and an advocate of banning immigration entirely, on account of how he is sick and tired of seeing white people replaced with "peasants." Yes, he actually says "peasants," like he is Margeaux on Punky Brewster or some shit.

D'Abrosca has a long history of saying a lot of gross racist, anti-LGBTQ, xenophobic things, is beloved by the white nationalist site VDARE and by Ann Coulter, and in any normal timeline would be a weird fringe candidate that people cringe-laugh about for two seconds and then forget about forever. Like that "I'm not a witch! I'm you!" lady that I went as for Halloween one year.

Via Angry White Men:

On one occasion he shared an article from the racist website Breitbart about refugee resettlement. "Move refugees into upper middle class, predominantly white towns and see what happens," he wrote. "They need to experience 'diversity' first hand."

On October 5th, D'Abrosca tweeted a short video clip depicting what appeared to be black students assaulting a white person. He captioned it with "Teaching or zoo keeping?":[...]

He has on several occasions mocked the LGBTQ community as "Alphabet People," and once wrote that the "conservative movement does not belong to atheists, sodomites, or pedophiles." In another tweet he wrote, "You didn't take your government-mandated gender transition hormones? During Asexuality Awareness Week? Are you crazy!?"

But now, thanks to a shift in the Overton Window brought upon us by Donald Trump and his supporters, he's popping up on Fox News with Tucker Carlson calling his plan for a ten-year moratorium on immigration a "sane immigration policy."

As Nikki McCann Ramirez of Media Matters points out, the interview is filled with several dogwhistles to the Groyper movement. Groyper, if you do not know, is like another Pepe The Frog type thing, and there are a bunch of creepy white nationalists who call themselves Groypers as some kind of homage to said cartoon. They are also fervent followers of YouTube idiot Nick Fuentes.

They're also the ones that have been going around to TPUSA events and yelling at Charlie Kirk for not being evil enough, and who were recently defended by Michelle Malkin, who was subsequently chastised by a bunch of regular conservatives who were shocked, shocked to discover that Michelle Malkin is actually terrible.

Like D'Abrosca, the Groypers are not only against illegal immigration, they are also against legal immigration. They also constantly talk about "demographics" and whine about how mainstream conservatives won't let them talk about "demographics" even though they really, really want to talk about "demographics." In case it is not clear, what they want to do is say things that are racist without consequences.

In the interview, Carlson talks about how Conservatives are supposedly "afraid" to come out against legal immigration, and D'Abrosca explains that while older Conservatives may be afraid, young hepcats like him are not afraid to let their immigrant-hating freak flags fly, whether "Conservative, Inc." wants them to or not. "Conservative, Inc." is a popular term among Groypers who believe that mainstream conservatives don't say super horrible things all the time because doing so would result in them losing money. Which is weird, given that they do say horrible things literally all of the time.

Everything Carlson and D'Abrosca talk about in this interview is indistinguishable from the rhetoric seen on white supremacist sites like the Daily Stormer and, as Ramirez later pointed out, some notable white supremacists were pretty thrilled by the segment.

This is hardly the first time that a Tucker Carlson segment has been praised by white nationalists. He knows exactly what he is doing here and he knows who his audience is. He is purposely repackaging completely batshit racist theories and ideas in hopes of making them palatable to people who may not feel comfortable going and reading The Daily Stormer or carving swastikas into their arms.

But back to D'Abrosca! Here is some of the bile he has spewed in the last few months, just so we can all be very, very clear about what it is that Tucker Carlson is promoting here.

PSSST! People weren't too happy when Irish people came over here, either!

Oh yeah, because people will definitely be mourning him enough to bother with that. He's so beloved!

Here he is being very clear about the fact that he is a proud racist. Kathy Zhu, by the way, is the former Miss Michigan who was stripped of her crown for saying a bunch of racist things herself.

The ironic thing here is that if it were up to the Pete D'Abroscas of the olden days, Pete D'Abrosca would not be here. Literally, all of the horrible things he says about immigrants today are things people said about "D'Abroscas" back in the day.

So perhaps he should set an example for all of us, and renounce the actions of his own "peasant" ancestors by self-deporting his ass back to Italy.

[Angry White Men]

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