TUCKER CARLSON SHREDS ... His History Degree, Denies Japanese-American Internment Even Happened

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TUCKER CARLSON SHREDS ... His History Degree, Denies Japanese-American Internment Even Happened

On its YouTube channel, Fox News posts segments from Tucker Carlson's show and the titles often begin with “Tucker shreds ..." They're proud of this level of discourse. They've got “Tucker shreds CNN's [Chris] Cuomo for phony coronavirus 'reemergence video'" and “Tucker shreds [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] for demanding relief money go to illegal immigrants." Both Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez could've easily beaten up Carlson if they'd attended the same high school, so the “tough guy" rhetoric is tiresome.

Last night, Carlson supposedly “shredded" Peter Walker, former McKinsey & Company senior partner. Walker has written the book Powerful, Different, Equal: Overcoming the Misconceptions and Differences Between China and the US. Although it's unclear if Carlson has visited China, he still takes exception to that premise. Wednesday, Carlson claimed McKinsey was eager to “fawn" over China, one of "the most repressive regimes in the world." He said Walker came across in an interview “like a smitten teenager" when discussing China. (At best, it was an enthusiastic LinkedIn review not a passionate declaration.) Carlson confronted Walker about his praise of China's quarantine methods, which he admitted were “harsh."

CARLSON: What would you say to the families of those who died, starved to death alone in their apartments, or the people who are wondering where their relatives went after they were bundled into Chinese police vans? How would you square their grief with the praise you just heaped on the quarantine?

WALKER: You just have to look at the total picture ... Everybody's heart has to go out to every individual who died. It's part of the suffering that comes with this disease. [China] had to do it. If you can imagine the scale of China, if that blew out in large numbers to other cities, the numbers would be off the charts.

Walker tried to explain, as simply as possible, that China is a different country than the US with a different culture. That didn't make China entirely evil or good, and he didn't agree with everything the Chinese government did. This just frustrated Carlson.

WALKER: You have to understand ... China is a collectivist society, very different from the individualistic society of the US ... That difference between collectivism and common good is a huge disconnect with the US because we regard -- and have always been proud of -- every human life is sacred and every injustice is something we should be railing against and [the Chinese] just aren't wired that way.

CARLSON: Do you think it's a genetic question when you say they aren't wired that way?

Cultural differences are environmental not genetic, you racist boob. Carlson demanded to know why Walker was such an apologist for fascism, because thinking “society" or a “certain way of life" is more important than individual lives is FASCISM. No American would ever promote or tolerate such a twisted belief.

Then this happened: Walker stressed again that he didn't support all of China's actions. He certainly didn't agree with how the Chinese government imprisoned a million Muslims in internment camps as part of its “war on terror."

WALKER: You know that the US went through this, I mean, we did this to the Japanese.

CARLSON: No, no actually we didn't.

Carlson has a history degree from Trinity College. He must've learned at some point that during World War II, America incarcerated 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry — 62 percent of whom where US citizens. This includes living legend George Takei. He's a native of California but was imprisoned because of his ancestry. This is a repulsive moment in US history. Carlson dismissed the very apt comparison without even a “whoops, our bad." In fact, he kind of had a little meltdown.

At this point, the promised “shredding" occurred: Carlson grossly implied that the only reason Walker made measured statements about China was because he was paid to do so. Carlson could easily find more obvious examples of people cheerleading a corrupt government for money on his own network.

Carlson has frequently defended and rooted for Russia, which is a significant geopolitical foe that attacked our 2016 elections. Russia also has an oppressive government, and its leader is a dictator. It's not a mystery, if you've paid attention to Carlson's screeds, why Russians bother him less than the Chinese.

Tucker vs critic who calls him cheerleader for Russia youtu.be

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