Tucker Carlson Sorry For Accusing Living Woman Of Being Her Dead Husband

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Tucker Carlson Sorry For Accusing Living Woman Of Being Her Dead Husband

One of the ways that wingnuts have been self-soothing over the last couple weeks has been by insisting that the only reason Joe Biden won the election (for now, anyway!) was because a whole bunch of dead people voted for him. Generally, they have been proving their point by pointing out ballots cast by people with generic names and then finding dead people with those same names and then going "Welp! Looks like this Jim Smith fellow is yet another dead voter!" But in some cases, they've really believed they were onto something big.

That was the case this week with James Blalock. Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and many others were thrilled to announce that they had found proof that James Blalock, a Georgia man who had been dead for many years, voted in this election — thereby proving conclusively that they had been right all along. "Hooray!," they thought, "Now Trump can be president FOREVER!"

But alas. Dead James Blalock did not vote in the election. His wife, the very much alive Mrs. James Blalock, however, did. And 11Alive, NBC's Atlanta station, managed to even get an interview with her non-rotting corpse. Whoops!

Unless she's an extremely lifelike non-Romero-esque zombie ... it's pretty clear that she was not a Dead Man Voting. As such, Tucker was forced to issue a retraction, as only he can: by insisting that he's still right about tons of dead people voting.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/13/20 FULL | Tucker Carlson November 13, 2020youtu.be

"We've got some good news tonight, and an apology. One of the people who voted in last week's election isn't dead," Carlson gracefully explained. "So apologies for that, and of course we're always going to correct when we're wrong. And we were."

In Carlson's defense, he could have been confusing Mrs. Blalock with his childhood nanny, Mrs. Baylock.

He did not mention that Linda Kelser, another one of the people he and Trump said was a Dead Voter was also proven to be a Not Dead Voter.

He did, however, claim that he still absolutely proved that tons of dead people voted in the Georgia election, and that we know that they did because he told us their names. Just like he did with Mrs. James Blalock and Linda Kesler.

This is now your open thread! Talk amongst yourselves!

[11Alive News]

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