Tucker Carlson Thinks The CDC Wants To Deprive White People Of The Vaccine So They All Die


On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson went on a rant in which he insinuated that there is potentially a conspiracy involving the media and the guy who played Gandalf in Lord of the Rings to convince everyone that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, questioning whether that could be a sign that it's actually not safe at all. Like a "the wizard doth protest too much!" kind of thing, I suppose. He seemed to think people should therefore be skeptical of taking it.

But then, on Friday, he followed that up by claiming that those in charge of distributing the vaccine were part of a conspiracy to murder all of the white people. He can't quite figure out what the most effecting way of getting people to freak out about the vaccine is, so he's just gonna come at it from all angles. On Monday, surely, he will be claiming it causes autism and increased gambling.

Transcript via Media Matters:

According to the CDC's panel, another group -- those officially classified as "non-healthcare essential workers" -- should get the vaccine first. Why is that? "Racial and ethnic minority groups are disproportionately represented in many essential industries." In other words it's entirely racial. They're making the decision based on race.

Kathleen Dooling's presentation concluded that doling out life-saving medicine on the basis of skin color would "mitigate health inequities." Of course, it would kill people and she effectively concedes that. But the people it would kill come from a disfavored race so it's not a big deal. It's been a very long time since anyone close to what we consider the mainstream has endorsed eugenics and that is exactly what that is. It's eugenics.

Eugenics! Now, Republicans have been mad about a variety of bizarre things as far as the vaccine is concerned — implanting a Mark of the Beast microchip being a personal favorite of mine — but eugenics is definitely a new one.

So here's what he's mad about, specifically — he's mad because instead of the vaccine being distributed first to essential workers working in healthcare and then to seniors, the CDC is considering distributing it to essential workers working in healthcare, then essential workers not working in health care and then to seniors. Frankly, this makes way more sense, because essential workers have to be somewhere and thus, are more likely to spread the virus around quickly and to more people if they get it. Yes, it's partly about protecting those workers, which we should be doing, but it's also a real good way to mitigate the spread of the virus to everyone, including seniors who might not be able to take the vaccine for health related reasons.

Quite frankly, it might also be smarter to do it this way explicitly because the more seniors see that people are safely getting the vaccine, the more likely they are to be willing to take it themselves. There are a whole lot of older people who lived through some times that made them (fairly, I think) rather suspicious of the government and they might want to get an idea of what they are in for before committing.

Tucker is also mad because some people also pointed out that these essential workers are predominantly people of color and seniors are predominantly white. This is, in part, a necessary thing to point out because there are tons of studies showing that ethnic minorities are more at risk of being hospitalized for or dying of COVID than are whites, including the CDCs own data.

No one is trying to deprive white people of the vaccine. They're trying to figure out the best, most fair and most effective way to get it out to people.

But Tucker Carlson's entire career is built on inflaming the racial anxieties and victimhood complexes of white people. And it works. It works because there are a whole lot of white people out there who can't actually imagine that people of color would not, given the opportunity, turn around and do to white people what was done to them. They cannot fathom it. They actually cannot believe that anyone would be so gracious. So Carlson and others work to try and create a narrative of white people as — what was it? — being a "disfavored race," because they think that is the key to gaining a certain kind of societal protection they think minorities get that they feel they are denied.

Either that or he actually does think people are out to euthanize the entire white race and him along with it, in which case he should really consider getting some therapy.

[Media Matters]

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