Tucker Carlson Figured Out Our Plan To Destroy High Testosterone Men With Vaccine Mandates

Tucker Carlson Figured Out Our Plan To Destroy High Testosterone Men With Vaccine Mandates

Tucker Carlson has been a fan of the white nationalist "Great Replacement" conspiracy for some time now — you know, the thing were we're trying to replace all of the white people in the US with non-white immigrants through mass immigration, as well as by encouraging the decline of the white birth rate through various evils like feminism, birth control and abortion. This seems like a lot of work and it's not entirely clear what it is that he or other white nationalists imagine we're supposed to be getting out of the deal, but they seem pretty sure that it is happening.

But now Carlson is concerned about yet another group of people we are trying to "replace," for ostensibly nefarious reasons. High testosterone men! We've been doing this, he was sad to reveal, by way of vaccine mandates. Yes, the vaccine mandates were never about keeping people safe and preventing the spread of COVID. That was all a devious lie! What we were actually doing, Carlson explained during a segment about a NYC fire chief who lost his job over refusing the vaccine mandate, was trying to get rid of all of the men with honor, dignity and high testosterone.

Transcript via Media Matters:

So, of course, the whole point of the vax mandate was not to protect anyone, it was to get rid of people like that. People who think for themselves, who with honor and dignity, who have high testosterone levels. They're all gone now -- not just from the FDNY, but NYPD, from the paramedic core, from the Navy SEALS. They're all gone. That was the whole point of it.

Given that high testosterone levels frequently correlate to aggression and violence, this may not be actually bad thing when it comes to the NYPD or any other police force.

This is, weirdly, not the first time Carlson has claimed this. Last year, he said that vaccine mandates in the military were an evil plot to rid the military of high testosterone men. How he knows what anyone's testosterone level is without an SHBG test, I do not know. Maybe he mentioned it in his The End of Men documentary that we totally forgot to watch. Or perhaps he has inside knowledge that these men are regularly tanning their testicles.

We know what he's talking about here though, of course. He's talking about that hobgoblin of right-wing minds, the feminization of society. The gist of this is that they fear that we are moving from a society that had been largely designed to value (white) heterosexual men and what we have deemed "masculine traits" (aggression, competitiveness, physical prowess, individualism etc.) to a society that largely values the things we have deemed "feminine traits" (cooperation, compassion, intellectualism, collectivism etc.). This, they believe, is bad. Very bad! Rather, we should live in a society that largely values those masculine traits and sees feminine traits as complementary to them and of value only to the extent that they benefit such a society.

Now, I would personally question how we can ever have a non-patriarchal society within the parameters of a society designed by men to benefit themselves, but this is not a graduate level anarcha-feminism in lesbian dance theory class, so we shall save that for another day. This is partially true, in terms of the way they are seeing things. Technological advances have made it so the more valued jobs in society are frequently those that involve little to no physical exertion, and humanity has progressed towards valuing caring about and cooperating with other people as a social norm.

As far as vaccine mandates are concerned — they absolutely did place the good of the many over the desires of the individual. Rather than saying "Hey, we value this man's contribution to society by way of working for the fire department, so his needs as an individual, his desire to not get the vaccine, should be more important than the concern others may have about catching a deadly virus from him," the City of New York told him "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here ... unless you get a vaccine. We have to put the group first."

Now, I don't know about you all, but I am actually not spending any portion of my day worrying about how much testosterone anyone has. I don't care. People can have as much testosterone as they want, I say! Firefighters are expected to wear certain kinds of gear and behave a certain way so as to increase their safety and the safety of those around them. They couldn't say "I would prefer a more flammable coat, actually" and expect to continue having that job and they can't, for now, have that job unless they get a damned vaccine.

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