Tucker Carlson Yelling At Minorities Again

He Seems Nice: ranty race-baiter Tucker Carlson took a few minutes of his busy day Friday to explain to conspiracy slug Alex Jones that the real problem this country faces is that the U.S. Government is just too intent on keepin' the oppressed white man down:

“The federal government takes sides and hands out spoils based on skin color,” Carlson claimed ... Carlson expressed his disgust of the country’s previous segregation, and likened present-day “handouts” to the government “[taking] sides based on race” as it did in the past.

This is so very true -- just look what the government did last night at the Oscars, telling them to give Best Picture to the movie about blacks instead of the movie about Sandra Bullock in space.

Just to take things a little deeper into Wackyland, Jones also explained that the GOP's Southern Strategy in the late '60s and early '70s was nothing compared to the nefarious racism of Democrats, who allied themselves with the browns so that they could continue being the KKK, only now it's the KKK with blacks running it and burning crosses on white people's lawns, somehow:

“And the Democrats went from being the Ku Klux Klan party on race with Sen. [John] [sic] [by which we mean we are siccing the RawStory excerpt we just stoled] [RawStory, you might want to change that to "Robert"] Byrd [D-VA] [sic again, RawStory, it is West Virginia, DAMN] and all of them,” Jones said, “to literally going, ‘Okay, we’re gonna go race politic with the minorities, make them the majority.’”

As a result, he said, “we as Republicans, as Libertarians, or as white people” are made to feel guilty and “beat ourselves with whips on the head” for being white.

“And meanwhile, the Democrats have just recreated the Ku Klux Klan movement,” he continued, “but they’ve done it with minorities.”

Carlson couldn't agree more about just how tragic all this was, because really, he thinks that racism is a Very Bad Thing, but now it seems like The Blacks just won't shut up about it:

“Yeah, there’s a lot of truth in that,” agreed Carlson. “I wish there weren’t. I mean, there’s no question that the country is more race conscious than it was when I was a kid. I thought we were moving away…I mean, I hate segregation.”

We bet that may sort of be true, in that a kid growing up rich in Southern California in the '70s probably never heard much discussion of racial politics. It is indeed a harsh cruel world out there beyond the confines of gated communities.

Maybe Uncle Tuck Everclueless has just been paying attention to Wingnut Thought Leader John Derbyshire, who says that the whole "outreach" idea is never going to work, since "Practically all educated black Americans, for example, are communists," and the uneducated ones are, of course, a bunch of moochers. And so, Derbyshire says, maybe it's time for Republicans to give up on their beautiful inclusive vision, because they just have not gotten any traction by embracing one whole clause from MLK's dream. Instead, suggests Derbyshire, the best strategy is to embrace "white nationalists" like Jared Taylor and his "American Renaissance" crowd:

“I am reluctantly coming to agree with my friend Jared Taylor of American Renaissance: whites may as well start asserting themselves and join in fighting for the spoils.

“If that’s right, ‘colorblind conservatism’ is a dead end, and the future of the conservative movement is as a home for white ethnocentrism.”

Huh... "the spoils" again? We weren't aware that good old Andrew Jackson was president again, but Tucker Carlson and John Derbyshire make a pretty compelling case that this whole experiment of letting a few black people be President (with one exception, all in suspense teevee shows and science fiction movies) has failed pretty badly, because now all the good stuff is going to blacks, who apparently own all the corporations getting subsidies, military contracts, and tax cuts.

We're just surprised that Alex Jones couldn't get Carlson to buy into his vision of Obama's plan to replace humans with cyborgs, because once The Blacks all become Terminator units, America is screwed. Wake up, sheeple!

[RawStory via Think Progress / RightWingWatch]

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