Tucker Carlson's Famous New 'Carlsonington Post' Finally Hits Newsstands!


Tucker Carlson's fabled journalism Internet is finally getting published on Monday! "The Daily Caller" is going to be like Huffington Post - Alec Baldwin + Tucker Carlson x Tucker Carlson. How much news will it contain? Millions of news! Carlson can afford to buy all the journalism, thanks to the ace PowerPoints of his business partner, some former Cheney aide, who explains, “We were very lucky to get the amount of money we did [$3 million] based, basically, on a PowerPoint."

What does $3 million and a succession of PowerPoint slides get you these days? Reports Dave Weigel:

According to Carlson, there will be at least one editor monitoring and posting stories “24 hours a day, around the clock, in the office.” The top story of the moment will run at the top of the page, with more content running beside it. Stories written by the magazine’s reporting team, which includes Washington Times veteran Jon Ward and Government Executive’s Gautham Nagesh, will be cycled in, marked as “DC Exclusives,” much the way that stories by Huffington Post reporters trade space with headlines that link to stories from other publications. A staff blog — possible names include “Caller ID” and “The Daily Trawler” — will indulge in more humor, some of it written by long-time conservative blogger Jim Treacher (real name Sean Medlock) who moved to Washington from Indianapolis after Carlson gave him a call. And an iPhone app is on the way.

Remember to save Monday's copy of the Internet to show your grandkids and their pet robots!

[The Washington Independent]


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