Tucker Carlson's Latest White Supremacist Whoopsie Has Cost Him An Advertiser.

Tucker Carlson's Latest White Supremacist Whoopsie Has Cost Him An Advertiser.

On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson did what Tucker Carlson always does and repackaged some neo-Nazi talking points for all his viewers at home. This time, however, some people besides those of us whose job it is to go "Hey! Look at this Nazi thing Tucker Carlson said!" all the time, caught on, and now he's lost another advertiser. Poor Tucker!

Pacific Life, an insurance company, has pulled it's advertisement's from Carlson's show following an extra gross rant he went on about how immigrants make the country "dirtier."

"We have a moral obligation to admit the world's poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided.

Immigration is a form of atonement. Previous leaders of our country committed sins ― we must pay for those sins by welcoming an endless chain of migrant caravans. That's the argument they make."

Unless he's talking about the fact it's shitty to complain that people are trying to escape these countries when we spent a good chunk of the Cold War completely ratfucking Latin America, training death squads and despots and throwing money at military coups, which he probably is not because odds are he thinks the School of the Americas was a swanky boarding school -- that is not the argument anyone is making. Also, to my knowledge, I am literally the only one making the other argument. Which I stand by.

Most of us actually just happen to think that little poem on the Statue of Liberty is something to be proud of, most of us just want this to be a place that welcomes people looking for a better life instead of a place that teargasses children at the border.

Also, we're not "divided" because of immigrants. We're divided because some people, like Tucker Carlson, are repulsive assholes, and the rest of us are not. That has absolutely nothing to do with who lives here or not. What? Does he seriously think that if all the immigrants mysteriously disappeared that the non-asshole population would suddenly start thinking he's a swell guy? That is some serious gall right there.

But I digress.

Pacific Life has decided that they don't really want to be in cahoots with someone who said immigrants made the country dirtier, because that -- while no less appalling than most of the things Tucker Carlson says -- was an appalling thing to say. They were especially embarrassed because an ad for their product came on right after that segment.

The statement reads:

Pacific Life's national advertising campaign runs on numerous networks and cable stations and on a variety of news, business and sports programs. One of our ads appeared on Tucker Carlson's show last night following a segment where Mr. Carlson made a number of statements regarding immigration.
As a company, we strongly disagree with Mr. Carlson's statements. Our customer base and our workforce reflect the diversity of our great nation, something we take great pride in.
We will not be advertising on Mr. Carlson's show in the coming weeks as we reevaluate our relationship with his program.

If that reevaluation means "watching any episode, ever, of Tucker Carlson's show," one would have to guess that it will not end well for Fox.

The campaign against Carlson's advertisers over this comment was started by Jordan Uhl, who also contacted a number of other companies who advertise on his show.

Feel free to yell at them, too! And also feel free to talk about whatever else you like, because this is now YOUR OPEN THREAD!


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