Tucker Carlson's Little Man Syndrome Peeks Out His Fly To Whine About Dr. Jill Biden
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This weekend, the Wall Street Journal allowed some old misogynistic garbage fart without even an MBA, who received his bachelor's degree in absentia, and who probably hasn't seen his own balls since the Nixon administration, to publish a screed begging Dr. Jill Biden, to whom he referred as "kiddo" in the first line, to drop the "Doctor" from her name. "What a fucking dildo," we thought, and then we went back to never having heard of that guy in the first place. Who has the bandwidth for somebody so irrelevant? Not us!

Surprise, one of the Fox News evening hosts also has a problem with Dr. Jill Biden, whose doctorate is in education, being called a "Doctor," and you get no guesses which one it was. There's only one Fox News host spoon-fed and milquetoast enough to have a problem with Dr. Biden's title, just like there's only one who shrieks when he laughs and brags about beating up gay guys in the bathroom because he thinks it makes him look manly.

Hi, Tucker.

Yes, Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, the Hungry ManKid Cuisine Swanson TV dinner heir, who has a bachelor's degree in history, has a problem with Dr. Jill Biden being Dr. Jill Biden.

"Jill Biden is not a doctor, no," Carlson said on his nightly program. "Maybe in the same sense Dr. Pepper is." [...]

Carlson, a frequent critic of President-elect Joe Biden, mocked the incoming first lady, saying she is suffering from a "very serious case of status anxiety."

Oh, you bet, Tucker. Dr. Jill Biden is the one suffering from, ahem, "status anxiety." That is definitely how all this comes across. (Speaking of titles, Tucker Carlson still retains his title as "Fox News host we are most expecting to one day have an 'SVU' episode loosely based on their life." Who gave him that title? We did, right now.)

Tucker also said, because he thought he was being clever, that Dr. Jill Biden is a doctor in the same way Bill Cosby is a doctor. Which we guess is true except for how Dr. Biden isn't a rapist, so we don't know if that's quite the zinger Tucker thinks it is. Maybe Tucker thinks the reason Cosby fell from glory is because he wasn't a real doctor, and not because of all the rape.

There's really not a lot else to say about Tucker Carlson's Little Man Syndrome peeking out of the fly of his trousers yet again. Mediaite put together a fun package of Tucker making fun of Dr. Biden's title, but getting VERY excited a whole bunch of times to use the honorific for Sebastian Gorka, the Nazi Trump-loving clownshow with the 4-cylinder Mustang whose famous "ZEE ERA OF ZEE PAJAMA BOY EEEEES OV-UH!" declaration will never not make us dissolve into a giggle fit.

You know, speaking of Little Man Syndrome.

That is a guy Tucker Carlson looks at and gets goosebumps as he calls "doctor." And that, y'all, is goddamned pathetic.

By the way, guess whose doctorate really may not be real? That guy's.

In summary and in conclusion, if Tucker Carlson is this freaked out about the incoming First Lady having a doctorate, imagine how freaked out he's gonna be when he finds out the vice president-elect is a Black woman with a juris doctor!

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