Tucker Knows Why Real Estate's So Expensive, It's Brown-Skinned Refugees AIYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour was full-blown last night. He's really gotten going with his freakout over how brown people from Afghanistan are coming here AIYEEEEEEEEEE BROWN PEOPLE AIYEEEEEEEEEEEE and now Tucker's gonna have to change his pants pretty soon.

The clip below starts with Tucker scoffing in the general direction of certain Republican figures who are currently saying we have a responsibility toward Afghan refugees. He is disgusted by those people and he is disgusted by pictures of Afghan people trying to flee the country on airplanes. They better not be coming here!

Tucker especially is yucked out by Steven Law, whom he calls "one of Mitch McConnell's chief political operatives," being supportive toward Afghan refugees and calling some of them heroes. He's pretty sure Steven Law wouldn't be talking that way if those refugee heroes wanted to live in Steven Law's neighborhood, haw haw haw! (Tucker laughed very weirdly when he said that, the laugh racist white people do when they assume other white people are just as racist as they are. It's a really limp-dicked kinda laugh.)

Anyway, the reason Tucker was worried about all that is because his thesis for the segment was asking how long Republican voters would put up with leaders who don't care about "them," and by "them" he means white people.

And that's when Tucker started talking about the housing crisis, and how that is ... brown-skinned refugees' fault?

TUCKER CARLSON: We have a housing crisis, by the way. A big one. Do you have kids? Ask them. According to The Wall Street Journal, the amount of available entry-level housing in the United States, and that's to find the homes up to 1,400 square feet, is at a five-decade low. So, when the supply shrinks, the cost rises. The median value of a home in California just rose above $800,000. First time in history.

Less than 40 percent of the millennial generation will own a home by 34. They're all renting and rent is going up too, a lot. The growth in median rent outpaces the growth in median renter income in every state from 2001 through 2019. That's a disaster, that's a terrible development for human — for American citizens.

So, why is that happening? Well, lots of reasons, but one reason it's happening is that America is becoming a lot more crowded than it ever was, and one of the reasons for that is that we are now living through the biggest influx of American refugees in American history.

We are on pace for at least two million illegal immigrants arriving in America this year alone. That's far more than the number of asylum applicants who arrived in Europe in 2015. That was over one million, just over one million, that totally changed Europe forever.

You know how refugees are, with their illegal immigration and their all-cash offers and their $100K over asking bidding wars.

Tucker charitably notes that the housing situation is the way it is for "lots of reasons," then just baselessly says it's because America is "crowded" (it is not) and blames that on refugees. And of course, it definitely is a sellers' market, pretty much anywhere you go. But is it because of refugees? Or is it because of high construction costs and NIMBY zoning shit and low interest rates and all these millennials buying houses, despite how Tucker says none of them are buying houses? We've done a bit of googling on this, and we're finding a lot of explanations for the housing crunch, but literally none of them are "Whatever is making Tucker diarrhea his tighty-whities today."

After his weird thing about the housing market, Tucker started bitching about chain migration, because that's a cuss word on KKK message boards and at Mar-a-Lago, except for when Donald Trump's latest wife uses chain migration to move her family to America.

Of course, this is just what the Right has decided to do with the Afghanistan situation. (People who really thought "war ended badly" was going to be a stain on Joe Biden's legacy are smooooooking something if they think Americans care about things in faraway lands that do not directly affect them.) They have to make it part of their racial resentment white grievance pity party culture wars, and losing their minds over refugees — and indeed making it part of their Great Replacement theory, something Tucker is a big fan of — is how they do that.

Wonkette had a thing the other day on what all the white racist bigots are saying, and this morning, Politico Playbook rounded it up quite nicely. See if you can sense the theme:

MAGA personality CHARLIE KIRK went there earlier this week, claiming "Biden wants a couple hundred thousand more ILHAN OMARs to come into America to change the body politic permanently." Then it was TUCKER CARLSON suggesting that "first we invade, and then we are invaded," while STEPHEN MILLER tweeted that it's "clear that Biden & his radical deputies will use their catastrophic debacle in Afghanistan as a pretext for doing to America what ANGELA MERKEL did to Germany & Europe." [...]

On Twitter on Wednesday, former Trump campaign adviser-turned-Newsmax host STEVE CORTES tweeted the C-17 photo with this caption: "Raise your hand if you want this plane landing in your town?"


At the end of the Tucker clip above, he gets really mad at Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who came to America as a refugee, playing a clip of her saying some Americans probably are worried about refugees coming because they're scared those refugees will one day "outshine" them. Dunno why Tucker played that clip, it's not like the congresswoman coughed and said "Tucker Carlson" under her breath or anything.

Oh well, we guess he heard his name anyway.

[Media Matters / Playbook]

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