Tucker's New '1/6 Was An Inside Job' Documentary Looks Pretty Weird

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Tucker's New '1/6 Was An Inside Job' Documentary Looks Pretty Weird

We didn't think we were going to write about Tucker Carlson again today, but it turns out our mentioning that Tucker yet again expressed sympathy for the January 6 terrorists needs some further exploration. (OK, we thought maybe we would write about Tucker again, but we thought it would be about him blaming racial diversity training for high gas prices.)

Because as we were writing that post last night, Tucker was making a big announcement on his show about a TV miniseries fiction documentary special he made called "Patriot Purge." It's about the "new War on Terror," which Tucker explains is a war on the terrorists who attacked the Capitol on January 6, who Tucker always assures us were just regular folks with some sincere and valid questions. The trailer outright suggests that January 6 was a "false flag."

HOO BOY. A lot of people are saying there's pretty no much daylight anymore between Tucker and Alex Jones. Glad a lot of people are starting to notice that, finally.

"The helicopters have left Afghanistan, and they've landed here at home," Tucker Carlson declares ominously, about this new war on terror, which apparently involves white conservatives getting attacked by helicopters just for loving Jesus and asking questions about the election. The trailer begins with military drumming, and promises "the true story behind 1/6" and also "the plot against the people," over footage of Ashli Babbitt getting shot and killed while participating in the white terrorist attack.

But in case Tucker hasn't made this point one million times in the last year, voiceovers declare that the new enemy is "half" the country. Because it's never just about the Capitol terrorists or other rightwing extremists, you see. Tucker has a deep need for all white Republicans to identify with the terrorists, and he's been pushing it since January.

Another voiceover declares that "the Left is hunting the Right." Someone else adds, "sticking them in Guantanamo Bay for American citizens, leaving them there to rot." Clips play of President Joe Biden saying white supremacists are the greatest threat to the homeland, followed by "stop the steal" insurrectionist grifter idiot felon Ali Alexander complaining that even he has been called a white nationalist. (He is not white.) Of course, as Philip Bump notes, the trailer doesn't really mention who Ali Alexander is, instead just letting him be a random non-white person on camera saying, in essence, "look, they're calling ME a white nationalist? Haw haw haw, what a ridiculous!"

Bump adds:

What is useful to know about Alexander, though, is that he's an inveterate right-wing opportunist who latched onto the post-election "stop the steal" mantra as a lucrative fundraising gambit. He was central to the creation of a rally scheduled for the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6, having previously declared on social media that he was "willing to give his life" for the fight against imaginary voter fraud. There are not many people on God's green earth who would benefit more from a redirection of blame for the violence of Jan. 6 to the federal government, so here's Alexander, popping up from his period of guilty anonymity, to boost Carlson's point.

And so the trailer goes, with more militaristic imagery of kindly white conservatives being the new Osama bin Laden and finally, some Aryan jackass idiot woman at the end declaring that January 6 might have been a "false flag." That the federal government might have made it up, in order to declare war on ALL WHITE CONSERVATIVES.

The trailer doesn't have any stuff about Sandy Hook being fake or chemicals in drinking water turning frogs gay, but maybe that stuff is in the full "documentary." Oh wait sorry, our bad, this is Tucker, not Alex Jones. Again, they are basically the same now.

Here's what GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, who co-chairs the January 6 committee in the House, has to say about Tucker's new movie film:

Tucker's "9/11 1/6 was an inside job" docu-drama will air on Fox Nation next month. The planned destruction of America at the hands of the Republican Party and Rupert Murdoch continues apace.

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