Tucker's Show Has Masculinity Issues Even When He's Not There

Tucker's Show Has Masculinity Issues Even When He's Not There

Wasn't there just a really weird Tucker thing a couple weeks ago about prostates? There was.

And now Tucker is off doing whatever Tucker does between Christmas and New Years — BRO STUFF, we bet —- and a conversation happened on his show last night about how if you have a vasectomy, you are less of a man.

The guest host: That idiot Sean Duffy, who used to be on "The Real World," and then he was a Republican congressman, and right when he was about to leave Congress, he was like. "now I will introduce a bill to make it illegal to abort gay fetuses!" It was a really clever gotcha, and all the libs are still recovering to this day.

Oh yeah, he has nine kids. This is supposed to be impressive. He's gonna mention it in this clip.

The guest: Chadwick Moore. He's a gay white conservative, so you can imagine how he is.

Now you may watch a bunch of vasectomy talk on the Tucker show, between Moore, the gay conservative who has a lot of opinions about this, and Duffy, HEY DID YOU HEAR THAT GUY HAS NINE KIDS?

When we say every second of this clip is stranger than the last, we are not kidding. It's some of the weirdest shit we've seen on Tucker in a long time, and that's sayin' something. Watch, and then we'll do our best to understand below.

They're talking about an article in the Washington Post about hetero dudes — some of them married! — getting vasectomies as "an act of love," because of how abortion rights are under threat.

Duffy wants to know if this might be "really just about consequence-free sex." We guess he's one of those sad humans who thinks sex must always have "consequences," HEY DID YOU HEAR HE HAS NINE KIDS? Peener! Vagina! Nine times!

Moore makes it really weird by saying, "I mean, why stop at the vasectomy? I think you just lop the whole thing off and become trans! That's what you should do if you really love your wife and want to show her what a supporter of womanhood you are, and the female cause." We have no idea where to begin with that one, but maybe if Moore hires a therapist at some point, they will. Gay conservative white men are often extremelytransphobic, though.

Moore refers to vasectomies — chosen vasectomies, undertaken enthusiastically! — as "men being mutilated in a clinical setting unnecessarily." And he asks how people would react if there were a "trend" of women getting their tubes tied because they love their husbands. Which ... is he unfamiliar with tubal ligation? It's literally the most common form of contraception for people with uteruses — more than the pill! But vasectomies are WAY easier.

Moore says maybe wives should do that for their husbands — gay conservative white guys: still willing to tell women what to do! — but also says if that was happening, then they (the liberals) would call those women "horrible" and "self-hating." (Remember, we're in the imagination zone of Moore's brain right now, we can't debunk his every misunderstanding in every paragraph.)

Moore adds that "of course we can laugh at these men who are doing this." Because these guys think it's funny when straight dudes and their wives can fuck without having to worry about getting pregnant. Ha ha!

That hypothetical therapist we mentioned would have a field day with all these next parts:

MOORE: Consequence-free sex is what drives the Left. It's their religion. It fuels almost everything they do.

What kinds of "consequences" does a gay conservative white man believe there should be for sex? We shudder to imagine.

MOORE: And of course they believe in population control, they want fewer people on the planet. Of course, populations aren't growing in rich, western countries except by illegal immigration.

Casual racism and fearful confusion about the world? Check.

MOORE: So I wonder how, if you were to take this to parts of the world where the population is exploding, like in, I dunno, sub-Saharan Africa, or Central America, I wonder how those men would react to being told that they should have a vasectomy to show how much they love their women.

Note that he refers to such women as "their women." Note that nobody is talking about forcing anybody to have a vasectomy. It's all so weird.

That's when Sean Duffy refers to "men in bike shorts" who get vasectomies, comparing them to "conservative men like me who have nine kids!" and practically jizzes himself — WITH TEEMING THRONGS OF SPERM WE IMAGINE — over the notion that there are "conservatives being born and liberals not having kids!" They think it's so funny.

And it is funny. But the real reason it's funny is because every liberal and progressive reading this knows approximately 500 fellow liberals and progressives who escaped conservative families, or maybe they have cordial relationships with their conservative families, but don't share their values. But virtually nobody knows anybody who ever went the other direction. Cities are full of millions of liberals who wouldn't be here today if wingnuts out in the hinterlands had maybe gotten a fuckin' vasectomy.

So perhaps not the gotcha Duffy thinks it is? But again: This is the guy who intro'd that bill to try to ban aborting gay fetuses. He's an airhead.

And that's when Chadwick Moore says he hopes men who get vasectomies "get a free box set of Harry Potter when they go in for their snip, and some soylent," before finally dropping his truth that "It does make you less of a man. Sorry."

Got it, bros with vasectomies? That guy says you're less of a man now. Sorry. We don't make the rules, he does.

The end.

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