Tucson PD Just About Had It With 'Sex Camp' Militia Lunatic Too Crazy For The Genteel, Tea-Sipping Bundy Clan

Things are looking bad for Lewis Arthur, the grifty "veterans advocate" who in early June convinced a bunch of online conspiracy fans that an abandoned homeless camp in the desert outside Tucson was really a sinister child-trafficking camp. He quickly got attention, because the vast (if fictitious) #pedogate conspiracy remains hot with rightwing loonies, and plenty of other grifters were happy to join in. But how do you top calling a bunch of trash in the desert a "rape tree" when you can't manage to catch any actual traffickers? Hey, how about hinting at an apocalyptic showdown with all the forces of Satan, or at least with police and local officials?

Arthur -- his full name is Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer -- has worn out his welcome with many of the people of Tucson, where he's operated an unlicensed camp for "homeless vets" after being run out of several locations in the Phoenix area. Tucson officials are getting tired of his habit of accusing almost everyone he crosses of being part of the pedophile conspiracy. Sunday, Arthur was arrested on charges of trespassing after he'd spent nine days perched on a tower at a vacant cement plant (owned by Mexican cement giant Cemex, which is in cahoots with the Clinton Global Initiative). He was also charged with failure to appear at his own trial for assaulting a guy outside a restroom at a local park. (Arthur insists on social media the guy was a violent drug dealer, but didn't bother coming to court to say so.) Arthur was convicted in absentia, because at the time of the trial, he was up that tower at the cement plant. If that isn't proof the authorities are out to get him, we don't know what is.

The Tucson Police Department press release on the arrest makes clear authorities are just about out of patience with Arthur and his grifty charity, which he calls "Veterans on Patrol" although he's not a veteran himself.

Despite continued efforts to work with Meyer by city officials and community members, the Tucson Police Department has received complaints from various members of the Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association as well as from other community residents that Meyer and some of his followers have threatened and intimidated them. Through social media, Meyer has made multiple threatening and hostile remarks directed towards various elected and appointed officials.

Then there's that homeless encampment, which since 2015 has been located on private property. The owner originally invited Arthur to set up in the vacant lot, but earlier this year let Arthur know he'd no longer be paying for the water and electricity for the camp. Arthur didn't take the news well, and issued a statement insisting that he'd actually been given the land for his "ministry" (yes, he's a self-proclaimed minister) and that the camp would not and could not be evicted, and closing with a vow that "we intend to defend it." Again with the promises to take up arms, as patriots do (Arthur himself is a convicted felon, so no guns for him personally). In recent days, Arthur announced in a recent video that he'll leave the property, which he doesn't own, to his wife and daughter, so they can carry on his mission if he's sent to prison.

Sunday's Tucson Police Department press release makes clear the camp, which Arthur calls "Bravo Base" or "Camp Conklin" because everything is military cosplay with him, is on its way out, explaining Tucson Police

will also be working with various homeless advocacy groups and other social service groups to help relocate any homeless individuals impacted by the closure of Meyer-associated encampments in Tucson involving trespass on private property.

As you might expect, Arthur -- who has the distinction of having been ejected from both of the Bundy family's slob militia standoffs, in Nevada and Oregon -- reacted to the news with his usual calm demeanor, taking to Facebook to call "everyone in the WORLD" to flock to Tucson for a fine old apocalyptic showdown with the Powers That Be. JJ MacNab, who knows more about far right anti-government militias than anyone you know, has been keeping tabs on the craziness that's followed Arthur's arrest and release on bond. Here's his big call to arms:

Sadly for Lewis Arthur, it doesn't appear that the WORLD is making its way to Tucson for the big standoff. If hundreds of armed militia types were showing up, Arthur would be boasting about it on Facebook, where he's mostly been busy accusing the police of betraying him.

For good measure, he added this shocking proof that Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier, and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild (you need any more proof of how deep this goes? Why not Mayor Bilderberg, huh?) are all part of a vast cover-up of Hillary Clinton's crimes!!!!!

Then, to make sure the nice ladies who think he's doing God's work keep sending him gift cards (he's smart enough not to ask for cash, seeing as how his "charity" isn't registered with the IRS, though Crom knows gift cards can be cashed out, too), Arthur offered this important reassurance Monday that Donald Trump is personally monitoring the situation. And yes, the notion that Donald Trump is secretly directing a crackdown on a vast liberal/Hollywood/Clinton/(((Globalists))) child-sex cabal is a key feature of the wacko #QAnon conspiracy hoax.

Not sure if the MS Paint map is supposed to be what they "hand delivered" to Trump, or perhaps the "president's" own CIA briefing on Lewis Arthur's excellent work. The capital letters certainly seem tailored to match Trump's communication style.

MacNab notes Lewis then went a bit wild posting videos threatening Tucson officials, which earned him a 24-hour timeout. Naturally enough, when he could post again, he immediately explained Facebook is in cahoots with the pedophiles, which might actually be one of the few awful things Facebook isn't up to these days.

Since then, Lewis has mostly been re-upping his complaints about the police deliberately ignoring and oppressing him, along with some dumb stuff about enlisting #Anonymous to help him dox city officials -- always a smart move, you bet. Fortunately, as MacNab found, Lewis's fans have also jumped in to offer their expertise. If all else fails, try getting help from psychics.

We'll keep you up to date as the Loony Tunes Apocalypse develops. Of course, as Arthur has done before, he may just quietly pull up stakes, shut down his Facebook account, and find another city where he can "help" homeless veterans and demand more gift cards.

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