Tulsi Gabbard Kremlin-Babbling That Biden Propaganda Just As Bad As Putin Propaganda

We're sorry about this, but we're going to Tulsi Land again, and human fraternity hazing accident Jesse Watters is taking us there.

In other words, good morning!

JESSE WATTERS: Tulsi, it is striking when you see Putin propaganda and you line it up against Biden propaganda. Do you think that we're at risk of kind of moving in that direction right now?

No it isn't. This is some Fox News bullshit.

TULSI GABBARD: We are moving in that direction, Jesse. And your question there, what are they so afraid of? They're afraid of the truth. They're afraid of even a single voice coming out as challenging the power lead, questioning them, daring to hold a dissenting view, and they're afraid because their arguments are so weak that they know they will not withstand the light of the truth.

OK we're going to stop for a moment because this is one of those Fox News quotes that sounds like it might be about something. But this is Fox News, which has been doing little besides giving a platform to Russian propaganda since Vladimir Putin started murdering babies in Ukraine, and this is Tulsi Gabbard, who takes over as Russia's Next Top Useful Idiot if for some reason Tucker Carlson is unable to fulfill his duties. They haven't earned the right to our benefit of the doubt, or even our assumption that they didn't have to first translate these talking points out of Russian in order to say them on TV.

Also the chyron says "Biden enlists Tiktokkers to carry his water." We don't know exactly what happened in Watters's segment before this exchange, but two seconds of googling "Biden TikTok" told us that what Fox News is bitching about right now is that the Biden White House reached out to TikTok influencers to give them actual background on what's happening with Russia's war on Ukraine, and even questions like "why is gas so expensive?" Otherwise they'd all be stuck getting their info from Glenn Greenwald's substack.

That's why Fox News is mad.

Also they're teaching their pig-ignorant viewers that all propaganda is equal, when the truth is that everybody uses propaganda, the Biden White House, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Russians, everybody. Difference here is that Putin is the only one using it not to communicate a message but to actively lie about a war he started.

But anyway, we will jump back into Tulsi Gabbard's regularly scheduled Kremlin-babble:

GABBARD: This is what is so dangerous about the place that we are in right now as a country. Where this idea, this principle, this foundation of freedom of speech, freedom of expression is directly under threat and under attack.

Cite source for melodramatic bellyaching, Natalya.

GABBARD: And you are right, it's not so different. What is happening here is not so different from what we're seeing happening in Russia, where you have got state TV and controlled messaging across the board. This is where we are at.

Joe Biden reached out to some TikTokkers to see if they wanted to help. Putin banned Instagram and blocked Facebook and Twitter and is arresting journalists and shutting down independent media, and journalists all over state-controlled media in Russia — state-controlled! — are resigning instead of being forced to lie to the Russian people about Russia's "peacekeeping operation" in Ukraine. Russia quickly passed a ban on saying anything mean about Putin's thug war, with penalties of up to 15 years in prison.

Yeah that's the same.

WATTERS: It worked so well for them during COVID. If you questioned anything, they wanted to knock you off social media, they wanted to get you in trouble because you were seen as a danger to other people. And now they are trying the same playbook with the war in Ukraine.

Twitter is not the government. Twitter is not the government. Twitter is not the government. You fucking whiny snowflake bastards, people getting banned from Twitter for sharing COVID misinformation is not censorship. Twitter is not the government. Twitter is not the government. You ignorant fools, Jesus fucking Christ.

OK, we can't do this anymore, these alleged Americans literally gargling Putin's bathwater while he slaughters innocent people is just too much. Here's a late-breaking headline about Russia intentionally bombing a theater being used as a shelter and clearly marked as "children." Here's one about Russians just executing people in a bread line.

But sure, tell us more, Tulsi Gabbard. Tell us more, Candace Owens spreading actual Russian lies about how Ukraine didn't even exist until 1989.

Tell us.

All these people are garbage.

[Media Matters]

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