Tulsi Gabbard, Michael Flynn: Why Is Joe Biden Invading Ukraine???!!!

There are so, so many garbage rightwing takes on Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Apparently it's President Joe Biden's fault that Vladimir Putin has lost his damn mind and decided to crash his country's economy and invade a sovereign nation. Clearly there's been a radical shift in America's stance toward Eastern Europe in the past year, although no one specifies how exactly things are different.

Maybe it's that the guy in the Oval Office didn't try to extort Ukraine by withholding defense aid in an effort to generate fake dirt on his political opponent. Probably Putin felt much more comfortable with a US president singing his praises, as opposed to calling him a "killer." If only Joe Biden would be more supine before a comically Botox-ed ex-KGB killer, this whole business could have been avoided.

Is that what they're getting at?

Oh, so it's even stupider than that. Got it.

What exactly are "Russia's legitimate security concerns regarding Ukraine's becoming a member of NATO," Tulsi Gabbard? Ukraine is a sovereign country that has every right to join NATO. And more to the point, the United States, as the supposed leader of Western democracy, is supposed to support the expansion of NATO, at least in principal.

But here on Planet Earth, Ukraine wasn't about to join NATO. There was no imminent deployment of "US/NATO forces right on Russia's border," and Putin barely mentioned it in his insane rant about "denazification" and saving "ethnic Russians."

"I made a decision to conduct a special military operation," he railed. "Its goal is to protect people who have been abused by the genocide of the Kyiv regime for eight years. And to this end, we will strive for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, as well as bringing to justice those who committed numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including citizens of the Russian Federation."

Which is nonsense, not least because Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish. The existence of a functioning democracy next door, particularly a former Soviet state which has thrown its lot in with the West and refused to allow itself to be controlled by Russia, is an unspeakable affront to Putin. So he vomited out 45 minutes of lies about Ukrainian history and is currently bombing Kyiv and Kharkiv. NATO isn't the issue.

Tulsi's fellow disgrace to the American military, Gen. Michael Flynn, released an "official statement" replete with the same incoherent claptrap.

"This 'invasion' was totally avoidable," Flynn says, using scare quotes on "invasion" as if tanks rolling into a sovereign country could be described as anything else. "As one friend stated, President Biden and his failed foreign policy team set the table and sent the invitation and President Putin came and spoiled the dinner party."

How did Biden "set the table" for a "new world order"? (Oh, yes, he did.)

Describing America as a systemically racist nation, the appointment of Marxists and other radical ideologues to positions of power, allowing millions to surge across our southern border, attempts to federalize and take over our election systems and processes, implementing racist CRT in our schools, our military and across our government, all along, raising the national debt closing in on $30 Trillion dollars, spending us toward extinction, all for left-wing causes.

Let us not forget the Afghanistan disaster, the myriad lies about COVID, a certain Biden owned laptop, and a fraudulent presidential election that has massive amounts of evidence coming out daily…all while China gets a pass.

Well, obviously.

Lest we forget, after Putin's goons interfered with the American election, Michael Flynn secretly promised the Russian ambassador that Trump would cancel sanctions on that country. So it's pretty fucking rich that this asshole, who pocketed $45,000 for a speech in Moscow where he practically sat in Putin's lap, claims Biden is to blame for being soft on Russia.

And he's still sucking up to the murderous strongman, even as thousands of Ukrainians are taking shelter from the bombs.

President Putin calculated this strategic, historic, and geographic play and made the decision to move, and he did. All that stated above, there will never be justification for this invasion or any other form of invasion. However, never forget that war results when diplomacy fails.

It's fucking gross for a whole lot of reasons, not least of which because a man who spent his entire adult life in the US military should know that war is not "geographic play." Thousand of civilians will die, and these disgusting fools are still trying to work out a way to blame the guy who actually stood up to Putin for it.

Meanwhile, Biden is working with our European allies to impose crippling sanctions on Russia to stop this insanity. But, sure, tell us more about failing to take seriously the "legitimate security concerns" of a madman intent on rebuilding the USSR.

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