Turbo Tax Was Fiend Behind Geithner's Tiny Error!


Financial wizard Timothy Geithner isthisclose to becoming our next President of Money, but two things stand in his way: he failed to file payroll taxes for a few years, and he hired a housekeeper who was a temporary space alien. One can't do anything about his monster-changeling maid, as this is a common affliction of people who apply for fancy cabinet positions, but the tax thing obviously cannot stand. However, Senator Chuck Grassley -- a veritable Republican, and thus a hater of all things tax-related -- tried to help him out in a hearing today.

Under questioning from Senate Finance Committee Republican member Chuck Grassley, Geithner was very reluctant to disclose which tax filing software he used. He quickly suggested the software wasn't the problem; he was.

But Grassley pushed back, again asking what software he used. Geithner said, "Turbo Tax." Grassley then asked if Turbo Tax has brought it to his attention that Geithner needed to pay more taxes. Geithner said, "No."

Software goblins ate Tim Geithner's taxes. Why does Turbo Tax want our global economy to fail?

Geithner filed own taxes [First Read]


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