How Deranged Are The White Fascists Getting About Drag Queens? This Deranged.

TPUSA panelist James Lindsay

This morning we had a story about the Biden administration clapping back HARD at Fox News for trollishly "reporting" that the administration was staffing the HIV council with actual HIV experts -- including ones who had been to a drag queen story hour! In the trashy, tasteless world of Fox News, this is offensive. The people they platform on these issues are mostly fascist bigoted Christians, and extremely dishonest ones at that.

The Biden response was a good lesson in exactly how to tell these people to fuck off.

Unfortunately, as two more stories in today's news demonstrate — and 100 other stories on all the other days — this fake issue isn't going away. Drag queens have existed for decades, fucked shit up at Stonewall, kicked off the modern gay rights movement, have played host for decades to countless bachelorette parties for straight ladies from the suburbs, but now, suddenly, they are the greatest existing threat to the worldview propagated by insecure white fascist men.

Charlie Kirk, AKA the thing that looks like a Muppet that fell into a trash compactor, has been throwing one of his Turning Point USA confabs for incels and other MAGA faithful, and yesterday on their broadcast, a panelist named James Lindsay made one of the most demented and deranged series of claims we've heard about drag queens yet. (Lindsay is a prolilfic purveyor of the "OK groomer" libel against LGBTQ+ people.)

He claimed the Left is intentionally provoking (yep) rightwingers into killing or attacking a drag queen, in order to create a "Drag Floyd" event, by which he meant the Left wants to "create summer 2020 again off of a drag queen or a trans person or something like this."

We honestly don't even know how to start with how delusional and insecure a person would have to be to believe batshit like that, but there it is. He thinks the Left is using drag queens to PROVOKE rightwingers (these folks never have any agency of their own) in order to create another summer of terror like the one shivering rightwing men are still hallucinating happened in 2020.

These people do not live in the real world.

A bit of the transcript:

JAMES LINDSAY (TURNING POINT USA PANELIST): I think this is that unconventional warfare. This is what they do in unconventional warfare. They make these provocations. Drag queens are a provocation.

Drag queens are just doing their jobs and entertaining people like they've been doing for decades. If you're one of Charlie Kirk's Hitler Youth, you might not be aware of that fact, but the drag queens were here before you, they'll be here long after you.

It's been an escalating provocation. First, they're just dressing up in kind of somewhat you know, careful dress with their clown makeup, groomer clowns or whatever reading stories.

"Groomer clowns or whatever reading stories." Yep, this guy knows about the history of drag.

Next thing you know [...] they're dancing, they're grinding, they're sexual dancing, they're twerking.

First it was the clowning and the reading. Then it was the twerking and the grinding.

The next thing you know, they're doing simulated sex acts in front of children.

Oh for fucks sake.

This is an unconventional warfare tactic to provoke. The goal — you guys remember George Floyd, the goal is to have Drag Floyd. And I'm serious, this is deadly serious.

We believe that whatever raccoons live in this young man's brain believe this is deadly serious.

They put a drag queen, “Oh, it’s just a story. Oh, it's just dancing.” And what you're going to do is you're going to give in, at which point they're going to enter into their generate — generative themes, educational method into living queerly, strategic defiance. This is straight out of their literature that they say is the real goal of drag queen story hour, "We're going to leave a trail of glitter that will never come out of the carpets" is the last sentence in that paper — talking about your kids' brains.

This is what happens when you align with the "scholarship" of galaxy brains like Christopher Rufo, who convinces pig-ignorant people that there is some gigantic body of academic literature all the drag queens are following. Ever been to a drag show that started three hours late? You thought it was a wig emergency, but it was actually because they were reading their academic papers.

But yes, people with stage names like Fibonaci Sequins, Gina Lotrimin and Hedda Lettuce are dark lords of the universe taking control of children's brains and GO ON, SIR?

And then either you give into it and they get to do that, or you go too hard and you mess up and they make a video of you looking bad, and then they start trying to smear you as an anti-groomer, or as rising anti-LGBT hate.

A video like the TPUSA panel we're watching now?

Also, as we've discussed, the primary groomers in American society today are the fundamentalist Christians, who are not only much more likely to abuse children — Google youth pastors abusing kids and then Google drag queens doing the same, we'll wait! — but are also preternaturally obsessed with trying to force their kids grow up to be disgusting white fascist bigots just like they are.

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The young Turning Point USA man finished:

And the goal is to get you to give in so they get their way or overreact — and that's where I say "Drag Floyd," it's so important to understand that they want a drag queen to get attacked and they want to make a huge amount of hay of it and they want to create summer 2020 again off of a drag queen or a trans person or something like this.

He thinks we want a drag queen attacked, because in his damaged mind, we guess literally everything is a false flag to make white conservatives look bad.

As if they need our help.

There's more panel up there in that video, if you have the stomach for it. We skipped it.

The Second Story! We Said There Was Another One!

Two anti-drag queen extremists broke into the New York apartment building of a gay New York City councilman named Erik Bottcher this weekend in an effort to terrorize him. They went after his home and his office. They were mad that some drag queens had read stories to kids at a library in Chelsea. Protestors had earlier tried to terrorize the event itself, which was specifically for neurodiverse children. Hey, you know what scares neurodiverse children?

Bottcher tweeted pics of the very nice event:

And then this happened:

The vandals scrawled a vulgar variation on his last name on the hallway outside the district office, Bottcher said. [...]

Later, the group gathered outside the councilman’s apartment building, chalking hateful, threatening phrases on the sidewalk.

“Erik Boccher [sic] is a pedo child groomer,” blared one of the statements.

He tweeted tons of pics of the vandalism, should you want to see them. The perps say they're part of the "Gays Against Groomers," which is one of those Quisling outfits for white rightwing gays who value the approval of Christian conservatives more than they value their own dignity.

Note how they adopt all the conservative Christian right's lies about LGBTQ+ people and kids, hook, line and sinker. Note how they also very excitedly announced on Instagram that they were going to Charlie Kirk's big circle jerk.

Bottcher is absolutely defiant, as he should be, tweeting among other things that "This is pure hate, unmasked. If they think this is going to intimidate us, they’re mistaken. Our resolve is strengthened." He also tweeted video of what he says is the anti-drag protesters physically assaulting one of his neighbors:

What was that Turning Point USA creep saying above? Oh yes, that the drag queens reading stories to kids were doing so to intentionally provoke rightwingers to violence.

Can't imagine what a disturbed person you'd have to be to be "provoked" to violence by nice drag queens reading stories to autistic kids, but hey, there are a lot of really fucked up people in the world.

[Media Matters / New York Daily News]

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