Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick doubled down this week on his previous amoral comments about how senior citizens should totally be willing to die to resurrect Donald Trump's beautiful biggie large huge economy. This time he said it even more succinctly: There are "more important things than living." Take THAT, Nana and her bingo friends! Why don't you stop your whining — and your coughing, we need the ventilators for the young people — and maybe just stop living so much all the time?

Donald Trump hasn't said words like that out loud, because he's too busy giving himself grundle squeezes on TV about what a good job he's doing, while COVID-19 has playtime in seemingly every nursing, retirement and assisted living facility in the country. The message is pretty clear, though. Donald Trump doesn't care about anything but himself, and America's senior citizens — the most reliable voters in the country, who usually tilt way Republican — are not "himself," so fuck 'em.

And it sounds like they've heard the message. New polling shows that Trump's fortunes with America's olds have shrunk so much you can drown them in the bathtub.

Josh Kraushaar at the National Journal reports on new polling that should make the Trump White House shit its Depends. One is an NBC/Wall Street Journal general election poll, which has Joe Biden up six points in 11 battleground states, and doing better with white people than either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama did. But holy shit, look at these senior citizen numbers:

That's right, Joe Biden is up nine points with senior citizens. It's Biden's best showing except for the 18-34 crowd, where Biden beats Trump by double-digit landslide numbers. For comparison, Kraushaar notes that Hillary Clinton lost the olds by seven points in 2016.

Oh, but it's not just one poll! Kraushaar points us to the new Morning Consult poll, which says America's olds now award Trump NO BUTTERSCOTCHES for his handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic:

America's senior citizens are growing critical of his approach. In mid-March, this group approved of Trump's handling of the outbreak at a higher rate than any other age group, with a net approval of +19. A month later, that level of support has dropped 20 points and is now lower than that of any age group other than 18-29-year-olds.

Oh, but it's not just two polls! The new Quinnipiac finds that olds disapprove of Trump's mishandling of coronavirus 52-45, where in March they approved of it 48-45. AND it finds that Biden beats Trump by 13 fucking points among the olds, at 54-41. Biden was ahead in that poll in March, but it was more of a squeaker.

If there is an outlier poll here, it is probably from CNN, which actually finds a tiny uptick in support for Trump among olds. They probably only asked really dumb olds who watch "Hannity" too much.

To be fair to Trump, it's probably pretty hard for seniors to hear his glorious tales of his conquests over the squeaky wheels of the stretchers carting all their friends out of Shady Pines.

It appears Trump has seen the polls.

He even wished an old lady a happy birthday this morning!

And he threatened to shoot Iranian boats out of the sky, but that's not because he's trying to butter up the olds, it's because he's an abject moron:

Point is, Trump's message of "LIBERATE!" isn't going over well with anyone. (Virtually NOBODY supports these Republican PAC-funded "Give Me Liberty And Also Give Me Coronavirus At The Olive Garden" protests.) And it's definitely not going over very well with the old people, who stand most likely to have to forfeit the rest of their Golden Girls years if Trump is successful and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick gets his way.

Imagine where those numbers will be by the summer, after stupid fucking Republican governors have had a chance to really massacre their citizens with coronavirus in the name of bringing Trump's beautiful economy back, by re-opening their states before any sane public health expert would recommend.

Womp womp.

[Morning Consult]

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