Turns Out There Is Something Yuppies Won't Overpay For: Cereal

Turns Out There Is Something Yuppies Won't Overpay For: Cereal

Wednesday, December 1: Because last week an ancient ex-Nazi declared that condoms are kinda sorta okay, this could very well be the BEST World AIDS Day ever. Congratulate AIDS on another successful year of causing much death by attending a cocktail benefit for the Whitman-Walker Clinic at the wine bar Urbana. Admission is $10 and includes a free drink. [GregsListDC]

  • Friday, December 3: Get in the Hanukkah spirit at a Christmas party: The Black Squirrel is hosting a Christmas party Friday night that features cookie decorating (!), Great Lakes Christmas Ale and Christmas themed desserts like eggnog custard. Sorry kids: it may be Hanukkah, but don't expect to find any jelly-filled donuts or chocolate coins at the party. [Black Squirrel]
  • Saturday, December 4: Riley has promised to do his Melbourne Shuffle at the Soul Clap and Dance-Off party Saturday night at Comet Ping Pong. What is a Soul Clap and Dance-Off party? It's when a deejay from New York (!) plays rare soul 45s of subterranean maximum rock and soul music (huh?) and people form a circle and dance, and the best dancer wins $100. [Brightest Young Things]
  • Sunday, December 5: The fabled land that is Georgetown is hosting a Merriment Festival Sunday afternoon, and because merriment seems like a non-denominational emotion, this could be the fun activity for everyone, including those who despise the holidays. The festival features gourmet hot chocolate, complimentary horse-drawn carriage rides, and the obligatory fruitcake eating contest. [3rd Annual Merriment in Georgetown]
  • Monday, December 6: Maybe you can't wait to go home for Christmas? Or maybe the idea of going home for Christmas makes you want to drink, a lot? To ease the pain of counting down the days until Christmas, Bibiana is serving a different holiday-themed cocktail every day until the 25th. Just be sure to ask Santa for a new liver should you indulge. And maybe a raise too, as the cocktails are $12 each. [Bibiana]
  • The End of Times: Haha, here’s the best part about the fact that the Cereal Bowl in Cleveland Park is closing less than a year after it opened: If it were a food truck, it would probably be just fine. It's not like the macaroni and cheese food truck or the fries that come topped with fat food truck are going out of business anytime soon. Here’s to the future of D.C. restaurants: may we never eat under a roof again. [All Life Is Local]

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