TV Commercial Tricks Many Wouldn't Know! Tabs, Wed., Aug. 25, 2021

TV Commercial Tricks Many Wouldn't Know! Tabs, Wed., Aug. 25, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

I am never going to live down (TO ME) skipping tabs Monday. They were in drafts! They just needed a picture! Dammit GRRR! Okay, ready, let's read some shit.

Eric Boehlert has been reading the New York Times on Joe Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan, and this might shock you, but Eric Boehlert says the New York Times is full of shit! — PressRun

WALL defeated by rain. (Vice)

Army of tiny Mike Ditkas defeated by Nancy Pelosi. — AP

A bedburner of a DIE IN A FIRE ANDREW CUOMO YOU DICK, and all of it beautifully said. — Danielle Tcholakian at Daily Beast

AZ SecState Katie Hobbs dropped a 45-page report last week on what the fuck the "Cyber Ninjas" have been up to in the Arizona fraudit, they have been up to bullshits! (AZ Secretary of State)

Tucker Carlson is being stupid on purpose, this time about Afghanistan. It's all about "mak[ing] arguments so transparently false and silly that it makes people feel stupid for even engaging with you" as "permission to his audience to let go of any lingering attachment to good faith or rationality." — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Goddamn, these West Coast sheriffs looking for the "antifa bus" were REALLY FUCKING DUMB. (The Guardian)

Teen Vogue made you these lesson plans on labor, feminism, US history, Native American rights and resistance, climate change, and ever so much more! God bless Teen Vogue and the dictionary. (Teen Vogue)

Climate change: making humans shittier and meaner! It's SCIENCE! — Science News

David Dayen's sobering look at what economic effects from Delta variant might mean for the next year and the midterms. Yowch? (The American Prospect)

Oh, yay?

Dozens of headstones from a historic African American cemetery in the nation's capital that were used as erosion control along the Virginia shoreline of the Potomac River are being relocated to a memorial garden in Maryland.

NBC Washington

What is the Writers Guild of America's solidarity slate? Let's learn together! (Solidarity Slate)

Taylor Holland talks about her delightful drunky mad flibberty Chaucer professor in "The Chair." Shy gave me a Fucker in Charge of You Fucking Fucks nameplate for Mother's Day :) — Refinery 29

OK, I caved: The TV Commercial Tricks Many Wouldn't Know! (Why These)

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