Twenty-Dollar Bob Allen Will Soon Be Tried For Sex Crimes

Republican state legislator Bob Allen will finally (maybe) be tried in a Florida court for bravely offering twenty bucks to suck off a "stocky black guy" in a park restroom in order to avoid becoming "a statistic." Allen was a John McCain campaign co-chief in Florida -- all the spots on Rudy's campaign were taken -- before his arrest by that same burly black guy. Ever since, he's been following the GOP Playbook by refusing to resign, refusing to admit he's a bathroom queen, and generally dragging down his party in a state where there are actually still some popular Republicans, such as Florida's proudly single "first black governor"Charlie Crist.

While the Florida legislature has thrown Bob off all the important committees and tried to gently push his fat ass out the bathroom door, Allen hasn't budged. Like all the hundred or so Republican legislators arrested for soliciting gay sex in public restrooms during our Endless Cummer of 2007, he steadfastly denies any wrongdoing and has boldly stood up for casual racism in excusing his cruisy-toilet sex crimes -- why, it's perfectly natural to offer a guy twenty bucks to take him for a ride down the road to get some privacy (and avoid the scary lightning) so you can suck his dick. After all, the guy was black. Do you want to become a statistic, too? Thought not.

Anyway, after many delays it looks like Bob will go on trial November 5.

Rep. Allen's trial set for Nov. 5 [Orlando Sentinel]


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