'Twenty Dollar' Bob Allen's Latest Pathetic Appeal Fails

'Twenty Dollar' Bob Allen's Latest Pathetic Appeal Fails

Why is it that Republican men who conduct their gay sex antics in public bathrooms cannot resist loudly and repeatedly proclaiming their innocence and heterosexuality in an escalating series of legal forums, all of which end up with judges and such saying "Nah dude, still gay"? It is one of life's great mysteries, along with the human spleen and the"dewclaw."

"Twenty Dollar" Bob Allen participated in another installment of ritual humiliation when he again appealed his conviction for offering an undercover cop $20 if he, the cop, would let him, the former Florida Republican state representative Bob Allen, blow him (the cop). Here is a brief recap of his activities since then:

  • He was sentenced to six months' probation in November 2007.
  • He appealed the case in July 2008 and a panel of Brevard County Circuit Court Judges said "Nah dude, still gay."
  • He motioned to rehear the case, and that motion was denied.
  • Then the 5th District Court of Appeals denied his appeal.

It remains to be seen if Allen will take his case to the Florida Supreme Court, so that they too can tell him, Please stop this shameful circus and just perform blow jobs in your own home, you nut.

Court denies Bob Allen's appeal on sex conviction [Florida Today]


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