"Twenty Dollar" Bob Jury: The Stall Is Big Like Whoa

i mean, as long as we're waiting, you know...Yesterday afternoon, the jury and defense team in the Florida trial of ex-state Rep. Bob Allen boarded a retard bus for a field trip, no permissions slips required. They "milled around Space View Park ... and took turns peering into the men's restroom where state Rep. Bob Allen encountered the undercover Titusville police officer" (the one he wanted to play Special Happy Friends with). And although the defense is claiming that the visit helped their case, it, um, kinda didn't?

According to Florida Today, "The handicapped stall also appeared large enough to fit both Kavanaugh and Allen, as Kavanaugh had testified it was." Clearly blowjobs, lots and lots of 'em, goddamn thousands for Christ's sake, occurred in this stall!

But defense attorney Greg Eisenmenger, good lord, this man is a legal animal! Watching this cunning defense technique:

Eisenmenger spent much of Thursday attacking Kavanaugh's testimony, arguing that the officer's recounting of Allen's comments during their conversation was not accurate and accusing him of doing "anything it took" to ensure Allen committed a crime.

Eisenmenger questioned how Kavanaugh was sure he correctly quoted the lawmaker, referring to the childhood game of "telephone" where a message, passed through a line of people, is often humorously scrambled.

Kavanaugh said he took the "utmost care" in detailing the conversation.

Jury tours park, site of Allen arrest [Florida Today]


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