Twitter Bans Just Like The Holocaust Except For How No One Dies, Says Newsmax Guest

Post-Racial America
Twitter Bans Just Like The Holocaust Except For How No One Dies, Says Newsmax Guest

Today on Newsmax! Okay, yesterday on Newsmax! Some random guy sat in a room with a bunch of posters of his obviously self-published books and explained how "panoramic Marxism" (not a thing!) is taking over the world and also how people getting banned from social media for violating the rules is just like the Holocaust without any killing.

Host Rachel Rollar kicked off the segment by talking about how there is "growing concern about extreme ideologies taking root in America." This is certainly true, but Rollar quickly makes it clear that she is not talking about white supremacy or QAnon conspiracies, but communism. She then introduces her guest, Marc Rudov, who claims that Republicans giving in to Democratic demands has led to "panoramic Marxism."

Rudov then began explaining how "panoramic Marxism" was taking over the whole world and everyone now is doing "panoramic socialism," including the Republicans who just let it happen because they are scared of Democrats and are willing to let Democrats do anything they want. This group, according to Rudov, includes Mitch McConnell — which should surprise anyone who has not been in a coma for the last ... as long as Mitch McConnell has been around.

Rudov did not explain how it is that we are doing all of this "panoramic Marxism" and yet don't even have universal health care, child care, sick leave, etc. Surely, if even Mitch McConnell were down for some socialism, we would not currently be debating means testing the stimulus checks based on 2019 tax returns, as if that makes any sense. We'd be giving out monthly $2000 checks to everyone, plus retroactive checks for the months people had to survive without them.

More obviously — if we are doing so much "panoramic Marxism," why am I still complaining? Riddle me that, eyebrows.

It only starts to make a little sense when you realize that when Rudov is talking about "panoramic Marxism," he is actually just talking about how it is socially unacceptable to be super racist.

Transcript via Media Matters:

MARC RUDOV: And let's not forget big tech. Big tech is canceling us. If we go back 88 years, to Nazi Germany, the Third Reich was able to identify, and locate, and classify all of its citizens so it could purge the Jews. What big tech did it use? IBM. IBM with the IBM punch card, the Hollerith card that allowed it, in record time, to execute all of these people. Now big tech is doing that now with us, except they're not literally killing us - but they're putting us in virtual concentration camps. And if enough people lose their jobs, they're going to commit suicide. So we have this panoramic Marxism.

So being kicked off of Twitter for being racist is like being put into a "virtual concentration camp," but without killing or actually being forced to go anywhere. Got it. And people losing their jobs over being racist is bad because those people could commit suicide, which would be sort of like killing people on purpose. Does this mean that Rudov is opposed to the capitalist idea of at-will employment? Probably not! Although he is very mad at Coca-Cola for creating a racial equity action plan.

Long story short, it looks like this guy just really wants to be super racist and also to have that be totally okay with everyone, and also for no one to ever be discouraged, in any way, from being super racist. I think. Honestly he is not the easiest person to follow.

You may be asking yourselves now, "Who is this Mark Rudov fella?" Well, it looks like he's a guy who self-publishes a lot of stuff about "branding" and claims to advise "CEOs" about said "branding" and definitely seems to be full of shit on that front. He has also self-published some extremely terrible-sounding books about romancing the ladies.

Like this one, titled The Man's No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth(TM).


Is Life With Her an Endless Game of Chess? Ever look skyward, after yet another frustrating encounter with her, yelling aloud: Why is she so impossible? Why can't I figure her out? You've heard that men and women are from different planets, and that, somehow, we must patiently accept, celebrate, understand, and navigate these differences. Right? Marc Rudov says, "BALONEY"!

Is this a thing that men who are not playing Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady do often? I feel like it is not! Also I can't tell if he is trademarking the name of the book or of Planet Earth?

Amazingly enough, one of his other self-published books seems even worse, as it is titled (and I am so sorry to do this to you) Under the Clitoral Hood: How to Crank Her Engine Without Cash, Booze, or Jumper Cables.

I can't actually find a description of it anywhere, and honestly I am so incredibly okay with that.

Given how obviously scammy and full of shit this guy is, it is almost certain that he is about to be a rising star in conservative media. Mark my words. They love that shit.

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