Twitter Hackers Destroy White House (On Twitter)


What's up, Gibbs? Screwing around on Twitter again, instead of fixing America's economy? And now look what happened, while America was looking inward instead of watching its Twitter Borders for scary Slavic/Muslim "eco terrorists" on the Internet: Twitter is somehow hacked! All you have to do is be a powerful figure in a socialist-thug administration, and then the Twitter Monsters will infect everything! This is a serious news story. Stop laughing, you guys!

Tech investigative newsman "MoeZilla" reports:

Malicious code is being inserted into hundreds of Twitter feeds. And if you visit the site today, you could easily spread the malicious code yourself.

If your mouse simply passes over the link, it triggers a JavaScript code which automatically retweets the link to all of your followers. In addition, it "grays out" your entire home page, so your mouse is also prevented from clicking the link to "undo" that retweet ....

The code is often lurking in the user name -- and sometimes the tweet itself is entirely blank. It can hijack clicks on the compromised page, taking users to a malicious non-Twitter site. PC Magazine reports that one affected user was the wife of a former British Prime Minister, whose Twitter feed now redirects users to a Japanese porn site. And CNN discovered another victim: White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

And who is this mysterious "wife of a former British Prime Minister"? It's ... Sarah Brown! Or, as she might have been known, "Fergie" or "Ferringhi." Gordon Brown's wife! Remember him? No? Jeez people he was the PRIME MINISTER, with the "special relationship" and all that. Anyway don't use Twitter it will destroy you. [MoeZilla/CNN/PC Mag]


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