Twitter Has Officially Turned Chuck Grassley Into a Robot


All joking aside, we used to be able to understand at least one of the things Chuck Grassley was trying to say in his tweets. Now, we are pretty sure he is just some kind of robot. Is this some kind of incomprehensible spam? Is it instructions to animals or fellow machines that humans simply can't understand? More importantly, how does this man manage to speak full sentences, in English, on the Senate floor when this is how his brain organizes information? Even the pre-est of the pre-teens do not understand what this crap is.

Remember when he put that up? There is no excuse anymore. This "Uni 13" tweet is not incomprehensible because Grassley needed to save space. It is incomprehensible because his mind no longer can process thought into human expression. That's your senator, Iowa! [Twitter]


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