Two Drunks Find Sanctimony, Manly Love

We've been wondering just how to cover today's Times piece on Patrick "Oscar" Kennedy and his sponsor, Jim "Felix" Ramstad all day. Because there are a dozen hilarious pull-quotes in that sucker ("If we could turn Congress into one big A.A. meeting..." "Mr. Ramstad's hand draped over his colleague's shoulder..." etc. etc.). Instead of snickering about all the declarations of love, though, we'll just ask for your best guesses on this apparently sensitive subject:

Both Mr. Ramstad and Mr. Kennedy are active in a House caucus of about 60 representatives that promotes legislation for treatment of addiction and mental illness. Some of the members are addicts themselves, or recovering addicts, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Ramstad say, but neither would estimate how many.

Here are your names. Get to work and give us details.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Jim "Total Scumbag, Trust Us" Ramstad is being opposed in November by WendyWilde, Wonkette Editor Alex Pareene's stepmom.

Democrat, Republican, and a Bond of Addiction [NYT]


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