Two-Journalist Families Can Only Afford $1.75M Houses

The heartbreaking message of this Washingtonian item is that journalists who marry each other are doomed to sell their ramshackle houses for only $1.75 million, but reporters who "marry up" can buy $2.95-million houses.

Guy Gugliotta and Carla Ann Robbins of the Post and NYT just sold their gloomy hovel in dangerous Woodley Park for the lesser amount. Nobody knows where they'll live next -- probably in Woodley Park, under a tarp.

NYT reporter Jason DeParle wisely married a super-rich health-care executive, Nancy-Ann DeParle. As a result, the wealthy couple just bought a brand-new $2.95-million mansion in Chevy Chase. This is also apparently hilarious because Jason is the "welfare reporter" for the Times. Insert a pained joke about "safety nets" here.

Journalists Living Large [Washingtonian]


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