Two Lips

* Rupert Murdoch has made the Wall Street Journal a shittier paper just by looking at it. [NYT]

* Speaker Pelosi and her vagina have spent $16,000 on flowers this year. [The Hill]

* Fred used to work hard, but then he got over it. [WP]

* You mean to say that without being in the majority, the GOP is getting what it wants? [NYT]

* The reason we're losing Afghanistan is because the goddamn Europeans can't get their shit together and cover our slack while we're bogged down in Iraq for the next 15 years. [WP]

* Tired of getting ripped apart on the blogs? Start your own! [Politico]

* It's a beautiful day for crack dealers. [WT]

* When they're not busy drooling on themselves or masturbating, home-schoolers are rooting for Huck. [LAT]


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