Two RNC Bigwigs Quit, But Not Michael Steele, Not Just Yet

Two RNC Bigwigs Quit, But Not Michael Steele, Not Just Yet

  • Michael Steele may or may not still have his job as RNC chairman at this exact moment, but we do know for sure that bigwig moneybags GOP donor-person Sam Fox quit a Republican fund-raising position on Monday and the Republican National Committee's chief of staff, Ken McKay, officially gave up his job. And Steele himself, America's Least-Loved Clown, went on Good Morning America to both blame his problems on his race, which is unfair to his race, and to insist he won't quit because half the time he raises as much money as the Democrats. Seven of twelve months, hell that's even more than half. [Reuters/ABC News]
  • At least a dozen people are dead after a West Virginia coal mine explosion. [Charleston Gazette]
  • Wealthy fashion dwarf and current Afghan President Hamid Karzai "threatened to quit the political process and join the Taliban." Sure, you do that! You go, girl! [Associated Press]
  • Are you one of the 400,000 Americans who saw their unemployment checks end on Monday? Please get in line to thank the Republican senators who blocked the Senate version of the passed House bill to extend your benefits. [Los Angeles Times]

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