Two Years Later, Election Day Is Here!


Hah ha.It seems like just a million years ago when the 2006 midterm elections left the GOP crippled and destroyed. Ah, Cocktober and Blovember of yore, how we miss ye! Not really. But guess what? The campaign that began on November 8, 2006 is now over, pretty much! It is Election Day!

Kitty kitty bang bang.

So here is what ye shall do: Help your brother, etc., unless your brother is Joe McCain. Go vote, ye, at the place where ye shall vote. (Here is ye Google Maps app.) Be not drunk with wine -- be drunk with everything. Don't ye drink & drive, etc.

See you in a few hours, friends! Thanks for hanging out with Wonkette for these many long years of weirdness.

Troubles? Try these sites for help with voting difficulties. Try not to strangle anyone. And try this for state-specific voter hassle data:


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