Tyrant Gavin Newsom Nationalizes California Restaurants To Feed Your Nana
Photo by Edsel Little, Creative Commons license 2.0

California Gov. Gavin Newsom significantly expanded his dictatorial oppression of the people of his state Friday, announcing a plan to partner with cities, counties, and tribal governments to deliver restaurant meals to older adults during the coronavirus lockdown. The program, called "Restaurants Deliver: Home Meals for Seniors," will help out both people who need food and restaurants whose business has declined during the shutdown. In other words, the very worst kind of socialism, using the heavy hand of government to help out all sorts of people who'd be just fine or possibly also dead if there'd never been a stay at home order in the first place.

When he announced the program, Newsom noted that 1.7 million of California's 5.7 million seniors live by themselves. Delivering up to three nutritious meals a day to qualified seniors, he said, would encourage them to stay indoors and avoid exposure to the virus, and would have the added benefit of providing a much-needed stimulus to restaurants all over the state. It all sounds like a very good idea and smart governance until you realize that the Soviet Union killed millions, as did Mao's communist revolution in China. Both those places had old people and food, too!

Restaurants will be paid up to $16 for breakfasts, $17 for lunch and $28 for dinners, exactly like Pol Pot might have done during the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia if he'd ruled California in 2020. LAist reports that most of the money, 75 percent, will come from FEMA, a well-known builder of detention camps for patriots, and the rest from the state and from local governments, which we imagine someone will say is how Hitler got started.

Decisions on which restaurants will take part will be made at the local level, said Newsom, which is code for Big Government Picking Winners and Losers. Doesn't Newsom know that's only acceptable when Donald Trump does it? He's a businessman, which prevents it from being socialism.

The program, whose details are still being finalized, will be available to low-income seniors and other adults who don't already qualify for Meals On Wheels, the federal-state program which the Trump administration tried to eliminate in its very first budget in 2017, but which continues to exist because the Deep State is out to feed old people instead of encouraging them to get jobs.

Newsom also announced Friday that United Airlines had offered the state the use of its call center employees to expand a senior wellness check program run by Sacramento State University and currently staffed by students. The call center folks will help staff

a new "Friendship Line" — 888-670-1360 — for seniors who need emotional support, offering a number for people who need someone to talk to at this time.

In related news, goddamn it I'm not crying, you're crying. OPEN THREAD.

[Newsweek / LAist / Restaurants Deliver announcement / Photo by Edsel Little, Creative Commons license 2.0]

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