Tyrant Joe Biden Doesn't Want Americans Sharing COVID-19 In Hurricane Shelters

President Joe Biden, never missing a chance to spread his divisive rhetoric about "promoting public health" and "keeping people from dying of a horrible lung infection," yesterday urged Americans living in areas likely to be hit by hurricanes to get vaccinated against the coronavirus now. That way, if they have to evacuate because of a hurricane, they'll be at less risk of adding "pandemic" to their list of worries.

"The bottom line is this: The more we do to prepare, the better off we are when disaster strikes," Biden told reporters at the start of a meeting with Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Deanne Criswell and other officials.

"We can't prevent hurricanes from making landfall, but we can prevent people from getting seriously sick and dying from COVID-19," he said. "If you wind up having to stay in a shelter, you don't want to add COVID-19 to the list of dangers."

Pointing out that there's a serious risk of hurricanes this month, Biden suggested it might be for the better if natural disasters weren't compounded by disease outbreaks that could be prevented if people get vaccinated. We should note that the text of his remarks didn't mention the Tree of Liberty or the need to be ready to shoot one's fellow survivors, not even once. (Perhaps Biden knows societal breakdown and disorder in a disaster are not really the norm, despite pop culture myths, and that panic by authorities can be a greater threat.)

Instead, Biden urged people to prepare for a disaster by visiting Ready.gov for tips on planning for a possible evacuation, including having emergency supplies and a "go bag" ready, and "don't forget to pack one for your pets as well. I mean that seriously."

Well damn it, Joe, you spoiled our cynical survivalist prepper parody right there with your concern for pets, which may or may not be allowed into shelters for people, but should be included in planning, so owners can make sure they're placed somewhere safe. Biden also urged people to keep others in mind: "[I]f you've got older neighbors or people in your community who might need your help, check in to see if you can help them make a plan as well."

That sounds one hell of a lot better to us than speculating about using thermonuclear bombs on hurricanes or blaming people in the storm's path for letting their homes be wiped out.

In May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted the 2021 hurricane season would have between three and five major hurricanes, and while the risk is high, at least none of them is likely to have its path altered by a rogue Sharpie.

Elections matter. Even to hurricanes.

[Reuters / White House / Ready.gov]

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