U.S. Doesn't Want To Go To War With Pakistan, But They're Making It Hard

U.S. Doesn't Want To Go To War With Pakistan, But They're Making It Hard

  • Pakistan has been paid off for years to be an ally of the United States. The U.S. would like them to start acting like it. Quickly. Some Pakistani officials were allowing Osama bin Laden to hide in their dusty gated community in the suburbs just miles away from a key military academy (and, probably, 20 Applebee's locations). Some officials recently tried to out the name of a CIA operative after the bin Laden crap hit the history fan. Who are these officials? The U.S. doesn't know, but they seem to be protected. For one thing, Pakistan won't let their "ally" talk to bin Laden's wives. "Our guess is that the wives knew just who was keeping Bin Laden alive for all these years," somebody told the New York Times. Maybe if we put them on that Wife Swap show? [NYT]
  • "Republican college degree holders are more likely than those without a degree to support Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, 21% vs. 13%... The reverse is true for Sarah Palin, who is favored by nearly twice as many Republicans without a college degree as those with one, 16% vs. 9%." But her supporters are a real "who's who" of their respective trailer parks/meth blocks. [Gallup]

  • It looks to us like Politico is suggesting President Obama should have waited to go after bin Laden until around the time of the election, because voters will forget about it by then. For Politico, treason can be good policy. They would probably do a little treason if it got them a better table at one of those fancy correspondents' dinners. [Politico]

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