U.S. Government Sorry It Gave Some Brown People Gonorrhea and Syphilis


The United States government has apologised for infecting hundreds of people in Guatemala with gonorrhoea and syphilis as part of medical tests more than 60 years ago.


No offer of compensation has been made yet but an investigation will be launched into the specifics of the study which took place over four years in the 1940s.

The study by Prof Reverby shows that US government medical researchers infected almost 700 people in Guatemala with two sexually transmitted diseases.

The patients, prisoners and mental heath patients, were unaware they were being experimented upon.

How did the U.S. do this? They deployed infected prostitutes, history's greatest weapon.

But at least in this case the victims weren't Americans, right?

Too bad the BBC doesn't have wingnut commenters, as they would probably share with us all the brilliant idea of doing this very thing to the current brown people, Arabs. [BBC]


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