U.S. Soldiers Changing Hearts & Minds By Urinating On Dead Muslims


Everybody supporting the troops a lot? Here they are "finishing the job," with the primary job being "killing Muslims everywhere" and the finish being "ritually urinating on the bloodied bodies." Afghanistan, the war that keeps on giving!

These soldiers are apparently part of a Marine assassination/sniper unit, but it's okay because they are "a small group of U.S. individuals." Look, it's only four Marines in uniform pissing on the corpses of the people they just killed. Simmer down! It's not like there are five U.S. Marines pictured in this particular video doing what is surely a normal, everyday American thing of urinating on dead victims of our Imperial Wars.

Let's see, any other important excuses from the U.S. occupation army in Kabul? Yes, this: The Marines in the video "apparently are no longer serving in Afghanistan."

So, hooray! They're probably back in the United States shooting national park rangers and murder-suiciding their entire families -- just normal American stuff, for freedom.

The next terrorism attack is going to be spectacular, isn't it? Might want to avoid cities or towns or being American for the next couple of decades. [CNN/Guardian]


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