Ugh, Weird: Germans Are Building A New Berlin Wall Out Of Styrofoam And Then Knocking It Down


  • Obama, to prove he does not hate New Orleans and has zero plans to willfully destroy it—as per the tradition of his predecessor—will visit this afternoon. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Over 30 people were killed in a series of coordinated terrorist goings-on in Islamabad. [New York Times]
  • The Arctic's ice will be completely gone in 20 years. Add "carbon emissions" to "rock salt" on the national What Melts Snow list. [Times Online]
  • Obama wants to give $250 to every senior and disabled person this winter, since there will not be the traditional increase on Social Security benefit checks. [Washington Post]
  • Probationary Kennedy Maria Shriver has apologized for talking on her cell phone while driving, for such is illegal in California. This is like literally the third time this has happened. [CNN]
  • Uhh... the Germans are constructing a new Berlin Wall, out of Styrofoam... because they want to knock it down again. Ha ha.  It seems this is how most things start, in Germany. [WSJ]

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