Uh Oh! Did Fox Just 'Cancel Culture' Taylor Swift?

Uh Oh! Did Fox Just 'Cancel Culture' Taylor Swift?

For the last week, at least, the Right has raged online over Saturday Night Live's firing of terrible comedian Shane Gillis — who was reportedly only hired in the first place as a desperate attempt to appeal to conservatives, and was thus able to forego the usual audition process — for having simply made the "mistake" of doing a bunch of obviously racist jokes about Chinese people. Oh! How they have felt the pain of this poor white man having his entire future ruined just for one little mistake that is reportedly the kind of thing he does all of the time. How they have railed against the destruction of freedom of speech! The slippery slope of holding people accountable for the things they say! How could he have known, way back in the mists of 2018, that making fun of Chinese people would be a thing people considered "racist" in 2019? And even if it were a bad thing he did, he might have changed, if only he never had to face any consequences for what he did. Now he'll probably have to be a racist who tells bad jokes forever! Don't we want people to change?

Oh how sick they were of this terrible, anti-freedom of speech culture in which you keep seeing people say things like, "Oh hey, that guy is very racist, so I don't want to watch a show with him on it or buy his albums or hear anything else he has to say." After all, what is even the difference between saying something sexist or racist and having a favorite color? They are both simply opinions, and all opinions are equally valid.

That is, until, this morning, when the gang over at Fox and Friends questioned whether or not good American citizens should continue buying Taylor Swift's albums and such, now that she has come out of the closet as someone who is not only a Democrat, but as someone who voted for Barack Obama and liked having him as a president. What? So controversial!

Fox & Friends 9/19/19 | Fox & Friends Fox News September 19 , 2019youtu.be

Noting that she also spoke ill of a white nationalist website during the same Rolling Stone interview where she admitted to being a Democrat, Steve Doocy asked the audience, in a roundabout way, if it were perhaps time for a boycott.

"What do you think about what Taylor Swift did? Remember, you know, she is getting involved in politics. She is also involved in a retail business. She would like to sell as many records and things as possible. Does this harm or does this make you want to buy more things?"

Aren't they worried about her future?

Of course, if she were a conservative, not buying her albums or going to her concerts would be called "silencing" her, and it would be a very bad thing indeed. And by this definition, I personally, have been "silencing" Taylor Swift for at least a decade at this point. But the law is very, very clear on this. Republicans are allowed to dislike celebrities who disagree with them, and they are even allowed to call for those celebrities to be fired from their jobs (like Colin Kaepernick). They are even allowed to be mad about how unfair it is that all of the comedy is "biased" against them — in that situation, their rule about how "comedy is supposed to be offensive" doesn't apply. It is only when liberals do this that it is "cancel culture" and "silencing" and "a clear violation of the First Amendment."


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