Uh Oh, Trump, Deutsche Bank Has Been Cooperating With The Manhattan DA!

The other day we learned from a court filing from Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance that his investigation into Donald Trump and his company might have to do with a little bit more than just porn peener payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, in order to keep them quiet before the 2016 election. The filing was in response to Trump's lawyers coming back from the Supreme Court ruling that yes, dear, presidents CAN TOO be investigated and subpoenaed by a grand jury, and arguing that WAAAAAAH, these subpoenas from the Manhattan DA to Trump's accounting firm Mazars USA are TOO BIG! Vance seemed to suggest that his investigation may also be very big, involving things like bank and insurance fraud and god-knows-what-else kinds of fraud.

The New York Timesreported Wednesday night that the Manhattan DA subpoenaed Trump's longtime lender Deutsche Bank last year — pretty much the only bank willing to do business with Trump — and guess what? They complied with the subpoena.

Does that have anything to do with porn peener payments? Yeah no. This seems quite a bit bigger:

The Manhattan district attorney's office issued the subpoena last year to Deutsche Bank, which has been Mr. Trump's primary lender since the late 1990s, seeking financial records that he and his company provided to the bank, according to four people familiar with the inquiry. [...]

Over a period of months last year, it provided Mr. Vance's office with detailed records, including financial statements and other materials that Mr. Trump had provided to the bank as he sought loans, according to two of the people familiar with the inquiry.

Now, lest you think Cyrus Vance is going to ride in on a white steed and personally take Trump out of the White House and into jail, slow down, buckaroo. The Times reports that this investigation is still early on, and reminds us that Vance hit pause on his own investigation so the Southern District of New York could do its thang. (And it was doing its thang, until Bill Barr did his thang, which is "doing coverups for Donald Trump and cockblocking investigations into him." And then suddenly SDNY's investigation went POOF!) Hell, Cy Vance is still fighting in court to get Trump's taxes and financials from his accountants, and he has said repeatedly that he really needs those to move forward.

Also slow your roll because some of this shit is really old, so there could be statute of limitations issues, particularly because while Trump's lawyers made idiot arguments in court, they have been very good at draaaaaaaaagggggggging thiiiiiiiiis shiiiiiiiit ouuuuuuuuuut. Also cool your dick off because that's just a good thing for you to do, in general.

That said, this is stuff that could really make Trump's life difficult, especially after we all kick him the fuck out of office in 89 days, assuming he doesn't just flee to Russia to be reunited with his piggy bank, allegedly.

David Enrich, one of the reporters bylined on the piece, told Rachel Maddow Wednesday night that in his years of reporting on Deutsche Bank (he literally wrote the book on it), he found a pretty widespread perception within the bank that Trump's representations of his own financials are shady as fuck (our words, not his). We guess that is what they talk about at the water cooler at Deutsche Bank. Their kids' little league games and Donald Trump being full of shit. The Times notes that this squares with its earlier reporting that "some Deutsche Bank officials viewed Mr. Trump's financial statements as based on wildly optimistic assumptions and, in some cases, reduced his estimates of his assets' values by up to 70 percent." (Wonkette wrote about that here, wherein we made the downright RIBALD suggestion that Deutsche Bank likes it when Trump is nasty.)

So if Deutsche Bank has what we are guessing Deutsche Bank has — and what Michael Cohen provided to Congress showing that it sure looks like Trump inflates and deflates his assets depending on whether he's trying to get out of taxes or get billions of money loans to build, for example, trash palaces in Moscow — then it sounds like Cy Vance has that shit now too. Wheeee!

Now he just needs the damn taxes. GIVE HIM THEM.

[New York Times]

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