Uh Oh You Guys. Nigerian Scammers Have Discovered Campaign Finance.


Here is a nice story out of Florida! Yinka Adeshina is a Nigerian-educated pharmacist who is realizing the American Dream ofrunning for governor (OF FLORIDA) as a Republican, and rakin' in the fuckin' dough, to the tune of almost $200 large from 407 donors. (You all need to step it the fuck up, yo.)

So who were Adeshina's very generous benefactors? Well, some dead people. And lots of people without Social Security numbers. And sooooo many people who all crammed in, 30 together, to live in imaginary houses at addresses that do not exist!

At least three donors are dead, according to Social Security records. Fifty-five percent of the addresses do not exist. At least a dozen street names don’t show up on maps or in the cities listed by Adeshina’s campaign.

Even where the addresses could be verified, many lead back to Publix stores, vacant fields and even a Best Buy store.

Thirty-seven people gave Adeshina money from “4100 Wicham” in both Melbourne and Fort Lauderdale. No such street exists in that South Florida city and 4100 N. Wickham Road in Melbourne is the approximate address of a UPS drop box in a Publix shopping plaza.

Nineteen people appear to share the same 2,000-square-foot townhouse where the candidate and her husband live in Tallahassee, although none of those people have Social Security numbers or any public ties to the property. The donors from Adeshina’s home at 1621 Crosspointe Way include people named “Gloria Gloria” and “Rola Akinbobola.”

But before you say lol Nigerian scammer lady, you are just making up fake donations to get matching funds, ask yourself if this nice lady would ever scam a thing?

On her website, Adeshina claims she is running for “New age ruler. 2014” and writes: “Imagine a new world with no pain and anguish. Strong, yet tender. Friends, live long, but enemies die young.”

See? Lovely!

According to the Federal Election Commission, Adeshina filed to run for president in 2016 as both a Democrat and a Republican. Her official campaign fundraising account for president designates her as a Democratic candidate.

Now we know for sure she is a crook, because she is a Democrat. Can't wait for the news to hit Gateway Pundit!

[HeraldTribune via Wonket operative "LeftyChaz"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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