Ukrainian Refugees Welcome To Come Live With Cher

Ukrainian Refugees Welcome To Come Live With Cher
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Cher is just the goddamned best.

This week, the Academy Award-winning pop legend and fashion icon announced on Twitter that she would like to open her home to Ukrainian refugees, tweeting: "I would like to sponsor Ukrainian families in my home. They would be safe and cared for. MANY PEOPLE IN MY POSITION NEED TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE. IF I WAS ALONE OR WITH MY CHILDREN AND WE WERE TRAUMATIZED, I WOULD HOPE SOMEONE LIKE ME TO TAKE CARE OF US."

MY HEART. In a very sweet exchange, the Twitter account for Ukrainian LGBTQ+ rights org Kyiv Pride tweeted "Queen mother! Thank you!" back to her.

Is this a weird way to go about this kind of thing? Probably! But this is how Cher operates and, frankly, there is something extremely relatable about it. I fucking love Cher. I love Cher movies. I love Cher's music, and I love that Cher is a tall woman with a deep voice who wears whatever crazy-ass man-repelling fashion she wants (very relatable content). I hope that she does take in a whole bunch of refugees and that they get to have an amazing time living with Cher, possibly while all walking around wearing fabulous, rhinestone-heavy Bob Mackie outfits.

Cher one of those people who, like Dolly Parton, was the subject of so many jokes when I was growing up that it took me a while (although I obviously loved Moonstruck, Mermaids, and The Witches of Eastwick) to truly comprehend that she was actually super fucking awesome and incredibly talented.

Just as an aside — it really is disturbing how many very talented women (and men who failed to meet whatever machismo standards) were made into jokes by the male coolness and seriousness gatekeepers of their times. It seems like she's getting a lot more credit these days for her acting, given that all of a sudden it seems like everyone is as obsessed with Moonstruck as I have been all my life.

Also looking to help is Benedict Cumberbatch, who, speaking on the BAFTA red carpet next to the wife I prefer to pretend he doesn't have, told reporters that he too would like to take Ukrainian refugees into his home as well.

Via The Guardian:

We all need … to do more than wear a badge. We need to donate, we need to pressure our politicians to continue to create some kind of a haven here for people who are suffering.

Everyone needs to do as much as they can ... there’s been a record number of people volunteering to take people into their homes, I hope to be part of that myself.

That's nice!

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For now, please enjoy some more Cher for the road:

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