Un-Racist, Un-Hateful Murrieta Will Totally Sue You For Calling It A Bigot

Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, who does both political cartoons and the LA Cucaracha comic strip, has incurred the wrath of Xavier Hermosillo, the Public Relations schmuck for the City of Murrieta, who knows that the Constitution protects free speech, but not for people who say mean things. You see, Alcaraz has been tweeting with the hashtag "#murrietahatecityusa," and posted a violently anti-American cartoon showing two kids calling Murrieta's protesters "racist," which is the most racist hateful slur available in America today. See the terrible slur, after the jump!

So Mr./ Hermosillo let Mr. Alcaraz know that while he has the "right to draw cartoons," he had crossed the line between free speech and Something Bad.

Alcaraz doesn't seem overly worried about the implied lawsuit threat, and has gleefully escalated, calling Xavier Hermosillo "Murrieta's own Baghdad Bob" and speculating that maybe "Republicans believe in frivolous lawsuits after all!"

Spoken like a guy who knows his First Amendment and has gotten an empty threat from a douchebag who definitely doesn't. Nicely played, Mr. Alcaraz! And Mr. Hermosillo? Welcome to the Streisand Effect!

And since Alcaraz also knows that the pen is mightier than the stupid threat, but that neither is going to feed, clothe, and house scared refugee kids, he also has posted contact information for several charities that are helping out on the border. Get to it, Wonketteers. Your money, your mouths: let's put them in the same place, shall we?

[Lalo Alcaraz's Facebook / Pocho.com / Cartoons used by permission]

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