Undersecretary of Defense Did Nothing Wrong, Undersecretary of Defense Finds

No one did anything wrong ever, go home - WonketteThe DoD prepared a report investigating the work of the DoD's pre-war intelligence outfit headed by Douglas Feith, the dumbest fucking guy on the planet. The result of that report? The Office of Special Plans made a lot of shit up, misled Congress, spun and abused intelligence, and didn't break any laws.

The last line: "As a result, we are not making any recommendations."

Of course, Feith's successor has already produced a rebuttal refuting this toothless criticism of his office (how dare the Inspector General call a policy office disseminating inaccurate intelligence "inappropriate"!).

With the return of the fight over pre-war intelligence showing no signs of slowing (Libby trial! Office of Special Plans!), one thing is certain: 2003 is back! Let's all listen to "In Da Club"!

Intelligence of Policy Work? Feith Group's Legality Hinges On It [TPMMuckraker]

Declassified summary of Pentagon report makes no recommendations [Raw Story]


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