Unemployed Succubus Christine O'Donnell Hates Unemployed People

Unemployed Succubus Christine O'Donnell Hates Unemployed People
  • Outspoken fraud Christine O'Donnell hosted a fabulous Pearl Harbor Party at "a Chinese restaurant in Virginia" last night, and hundreds of white people came to hear her vomit lies and Lo Mein. (Nasty old Teabaggers love this lady, because she makes their penises tingle. And Christine loves them back, because they gave her millions of dollars, much of which she kept for herself to buy Chinese food.) Between mouthfuls of Kung Pao Chicken Innards, Christine warned against extending jobless benefits, which she called a "tragedy," and "what the Nazis did to the Jews, at Pearl Harbor." This might confuse you, since Christine O'Donnell doesn't have a job. But who needs a job when you have a book deal and a PAC? Good grief. [ThinkProgress]
  • The Great Infowar continues: Anonymous broke MasterCard's website. PayPal is probably next. [Business Insider]

  • Hey, remember that bearded shitsack, "Joe Miller"? He will argue his "case" in court today! [CBS]


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