A long time ago, Donald Trump was yapping his butthole mouth about withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, and he said he had been elected president of PITTSBURGH not PARIS, and all non-braindead people LOLed like "Whatever, President Trash Bag, Pittsburgh didn't fucking vote for your leaky ass either."

Well, it's happening again. Trump has announced that he and Melania and Ivanka and Jared are going to Pittsburgh this afternoon to do God knows what, even though Pittsburgh has clearly said please do not come, as they don't have the resources to both protect the funerals for the 11 Jewish people who were murdered Saturday -- funerals that start today -- and also lay out a red carpet for Trump to barge in, loudly play on Twitter while mourners sit Shiva, and probably throw paper towels at everybody's heads like he did in Puerto Rico, we don't fucking know.

We need to be very clear here in saying that for real nobody wants Trump to come. (Can't imagine why a president who stokes anti-Semitism might not be welcome after an anti-Semitic mass murder that explicitly was caused by anti-refugee fake news Trump said with his mouth, it is a mystery! And yes, his daughter and son-in-law are Jewish and yes, he moved the embassy to Jerusalem, but actually no, that is not the same thing as truly being a friend and ally to American Jewish people, you asshole.)

First of all, the Pittsburgh branch of Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership For Justice wrote Trump a letter saying until he condemns white nationalism for real, he should stay the fuck away. Thousands upon thousands have signed the open letter. Lynnette Lederman, the former president of the Tree of Life synagogue, said Trump shouldn't come. Donna Coufal, the president-elect of one of the congregations that worships there, Dor Hadash, said Trump shouldn't come. Chuck Diamond, the former rabbi at Tree of Life, said Trump shouldn't come at least until they're done mourning.

Pittsburgh mayor William Peduto said please GTFO, because of security concerns and so as not to distract people while they are still burying their dead.

Did we mention the family of one of the victims, which has specifically said no to meeting with Trump?

Trump offered to visit with the family of Daniel Stein, a 71-year-old who had just become a grandfather when he was gunned down at Tree of Life. Stein's nephew, Stephen Halle, said the family declined. It was in part because of the comments Trump made in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, when he suggested the synagogue should have had an armed guard.

"Everybody feels that they were inappropriate," Halle said Tuesday — the same day his uncle was set to be buried — of Trump's remarks about security. "He was blaming the community.

"A church, a synagogue, should not be a fortress. It should be an open welcoming place to feel safe."

Oh yeah, and then there's Steve Gelernter, the Republican guy quoted by the New York Times who lives in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood and whose mom survived the Holocaust. Add his name to the list of people who don't want Trump stinking up Pittsburgh this afternoon.

Notably, the rabbi leading services when the mass murder happened, Jeffrey Myers, said Trump is welcome. So there's that.

Of course, nobody's opinion on this really matters, because this isn't about actually being the comforter-in-chief for Donald Trump, who doesn't have the ability or the human soul required to do that. This is about the photo op, and it's about that piece of flaming dogshit thinking he's welcome everywhere he's not. (It is also reportedly because Ivanka and Jared, who were not raised well and have no manners, apparently insisted Daddy Dearest take the trip, despite how pretty much everybody is asking the white nationalist president to please take a fucking hike.)

So, unless somebody in the White House gets their head on straight and cancels the visit, off to Pittsburgh Trump will go!

As we said, he will be traveling with Melania and Ivanka and Jared. Notably, he will not be joined by all the congressional leaders he begged to go with him, including Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and even Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi! We would expect Chuck 'n' Nancy to tell Trump to get bent, but we must give Mitch 'n' Paul a tiny little bit of credit for at least having the common decency, when a city and a community of mourning people are asking you to hold off for now, to respect their wishes.

Trump is set to arrive around 3:45 PM Eastern Time. Look for the first embarrassing headline about the visit to come out around 3:55, we guess.

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