United States Now Killing Fewer of Its Own Citizens

United States Now Killing Fewer of Its Own Citizens

The total number of people executed by states and the federal governmentfell by 12 percent this year, according to a new study on America's lack of balls. It's now at the lowest level since 1976, when the Supreme Court decided it was legal once again for governments to do their favorite thing: Killing their own citizens, many of whom turn out later to be guilty of no crime. This is perhaps the most glaring sign that this country has lost its trademark murderous masculinity. But maybe not: It turns out many states have had trouble paying for today's modern killing supplies, and shortages of lethal injection drugs caused five states to postpone or even cancel their prisoner execution shows. American governance is in absolute crisis right now. It is incapable of killing enough of its citizens.

But at least Texas is doing its part:

Texas led the nation with 17 of the 46 executions carried out this year in the United States. The total is down from 52 in 2009 and less than half the number put to death in 1999.

It is just disgusting that some states think they can get away with not murdering people. The most important part of any social contract is that a government can kill its citizens when it feels like it.

Texas is going to have to start just rounding up minorities it finds on the streets, putting them through quick five-minute trials, and shooting them on the spot. That is the only way we are going to get these death penalty figures where they need to be. [Reuters via The Awl]


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