'Unknown Blues Singer' Is '90s Ska Band Not Acceptable Description Of Bonnie Raitt. Tabs, Tues., Feb. 7, 2023
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President Joe Biden will address our goofy-ass Congress. Rebecca will live blog the State of the Union, so come join her. (PBS)

Will Bunch explains why Republicans wearing AR-15 lapel pins isn't (just) obnoxious trolling. It signifies that the party has become a death cult. (Inquirer)

Charlie Warzel suggests keeping your Christmas tree up through the entire dismal winter. This probably only works if your tree is artificial. Otherwise, your house will catch fire. (The Atlantic)

Russia keeps on hammering Ukraine, perhaps emboldened by its US "allies" in the Republican Party. (Newsweek)

I'm interviewing comedian Lisa Timmons later this week, and we'll probably discuss why we both suspect Gwyneth Paltrow (allegedly!) consumes human flesh. (Twitter)

The old Turd Blossom himself, Karl Rove, thinks Donald Trump is a loser that the Republican Party should ditch. Good luck. (Wall Street Journal)

Isabel Wilkerson believes we can overcome the American caste system. (Time)

Ted Cruz says he wants to limit US senators to two terms, but he's also seeking a third term. Yes, he's mostly just an obnoxious Twitter troll who bailed on his state during a crisis, but he is still technically a senator. (The Daily Beast)

Former Republican strategist Stuart Stevens reads Nikki Haley for filth. Enjoy! (Business Insider)

No one else really embodies sort of the collapse of the party as well as Nikki Haley. She was what the party was supposed to be. She went out and said that Donald Trump was everything that she taught her children not to be, and she went from that to saying that she wants to carry on the Trump legacy. It's just so sad. She's already broken before she gets in the race.

Despite their victory overturning Roe, Republicans have more misery to inflict on marginalized groups. (The Nation)

Some Democrats are worried that the Biden voter who rejected Donald Trump because he's a corrupt fascist might swing to Ron DeSantis, who's a younger corrupt fascist. (Bloomberg)

George Santos is a scum bag. (New York Times)

Shaq is serving up some fried chicken in Seattle. (Seattle Times)

Nile Rodgers is probably responsible for one of your favorite songs.


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