Unpatriotic Wingnuts Put 'My Country' In Scare Quotes

Unpatriotic Wingnuts Put 'My Country' In Scare Quotes

Ourfavorite-ever letter-writer "Bob" is back, with an email once again expressing his displeasure with our "paper." But maybe he is confused? Or maybe he just HATES OUR NATION. As we've seen with these shocking new surveys of Republican Opinion, "patriotism" these days just means "I hate America so much I want to secede to another country, if I ever hear about one."

From: bob ____@comcast.net

to: ken@wonkette.com

date: Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 3:20 AM

subject: Your paper sucks!

Unless it is suppose to be comedy. Thank God you people aren't in charge of "my country".

3:20 a.m.?! Somebody's bathtub is being used for speed-makin' instead of bath-takin'.


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