Unrelenting Nancy Pelosi To Lead House Democrats Forever

Unrelenting Nancy Pelosi To Lead House Democrats Forever

Oh, did the Democratic Party lose some sort of little voting game on Tuesday? Nancy Pelosi didn't notice, because she was too busy being more powerful than ever. Sure, some people would expect her to step aside after losing the House Speaker job to an orange alien humanoid. But that's not her style. Her style is, "This election loss just means that half of those annoying Blue Dogs are gone now, so I'll be an even better leader now." And according to ABC News, most House Democrats aregoing to go along with this because she raises a lot of money for them, and because what exactly is their other option? Steny Hoyer? That guy looks like the crusty old bachelor who idles for hours at your local gas station every night for no apparent reason, except now the man is wearing a suit for the first time in seven years. NO.

A more serious threat to Pelosi would come from Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), currently the number two Democrat in the House. But Hoyer has previously assured Pelosi – publicly and privately – that he will not run against her. Pelosi and Hoyer had a one-on-one meeting late yesterday that lasted more than 90 minutes. Neither of them will say what was discussed.

Probably fantasy football. Talking through some fantasy-football trades. It can be tough to come together on those. (Michael Turner for Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Bowe, if you were wondering.)

"I've gotten a positive response, but I haven't gone to a place where I've made a decision about that," she said. "Only today have I even looked at messages or anything that relate to me from ... members, friends, progressives ... And of course the ones you will hear from are the ones who want you to run. ... But I'll be very honest with you, it hasn't been something I've -- maybe tonight when I get home and after everybody goes to sleep and start reading the memos and calling people if it's not too late -- or at least I can call the West Coast, then I'll have more of an appraisal of it. But that's a subject for what comes next."

Oh, never mind, we see what's going on. She's going to switch parties and stay on as House Speaker. PUT THOSE "FIRE PELOSI" SIGNS AWAY, TEABAGGERS. [ABC]


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